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The game gives you a choice of five characters:

  • Asphalt Cowboy — He has the best all-around truck, and is perfect for beginners.
  • Long Horn — His truck is the slowest of the group, but it's also the toughest, most durable vehicle.
  • Stream Line — His truck is the weakest in the group, as it is prone to heavy damage.
  • Highway Cat — She has the fastest truck, but also has poor acceleration.

Hidden character[edit]

In addition, there is a hidden fifth trucker, Nippon Maru (Nihon Maru in the arcade version), a Japanese trucker who drives a dekotora. Normally available in the arcade version, he can be unlocked in the console versions by completing the arcade mode in any difficulty with all four regular truckers.

  • Nippon Maru — He has a balanced truck but has less traction and slides on turns, as well as having different trailers in arcade mode.