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Hit Chance[edit]

Unlike later titles in the series, the game does not tell you what your probabilities of hitting and dodging are before attacking. This information is only revealed during combat. However, there is a way to infer your odds on your own. The chance you have on hitting each other depends on three factors: your differences on Speed, the Hit stat of your attacks, and the terrain you're both on.

For Speed, whoever has the lowest one will have a penalty on hitting the other robot. For example, let's assume both pilots have a 100% of hitting each other. Pilot LB has 15 more Speed than Pilot DC. As a result, DC only has an 85% chance of hitting while LB's chance is unaffected and stays at 100%.

Each attack has their own Hit stat. This can either buff or penalize the probability. A weapon that has a 100 hit stat will give no benefits or detriments the odds. For every point above or below 100 will increase or decrease the probably by that same amount respectively. (I.E. An attack with 110 Hit will give a 10% bonus while an attack with 85 hit will give a -15% penalty.)

Finally, robots being on certain terrain will give them a better chance to dodge attacks and thus lower the opponent's odds of landing a hit. Terrain that is out on the open such as grass or space won't affect probability at all. Keep in mind that, unlike a move's Power, the Hit stat stays the same for all terrain types. Most importantly, keep in mind that flying units cannot take advantage of terrain. Beyond changing forms, there's no way to make a flying robot land. If you want to check if a unit is up in the air or not, then check it's stats. If it says "Sky" in the top info box, then it's flying.

Of course, calculating the odds yourself before every encounter can be time-consuming. Instead, use these rules more like guidelines to plan your approach. For example, you can use characters with high Speed to attack slower opponents with your more inaccurate but powerful moves. Due to the bonus from the Speed difference, you'll have a better chance of hitting your opponent despite the penalty from the inaccurate weapon. Checking the Speed and terrain before battle will give you a good idea on what attack to use or even to hold off from going on the offensive.