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Entrance approach[edit]

Avoid the platforms
  1. You will start out facing the easiest outdoor enemy, the ships which weave up and down in a predictable wave pattern.
  2. Next come the enemies which rise out of a hatch and travel towards you when they reach your horizontal level.
  3. More wave enemies will follow.
  4. Safely fly below the boulders and collect the bomb item and five energy items.
  5. After two more bombs and an energy, wave enemies will appear.
  6. After two barriers, the small Enterprise-looking ships will attack, followed by four more barriers.

Fortress interior[edit]

Air Fortress map stage 1.png

Quick navigation: Start → Chute A → Core → Lightspeeder

  1. You begin in the upper left corner. Drop down to the elevator below, shooting out the eight enemies on the left side with one shot each.
  2. Take the elevator down, and take out the two blue enemies near the bottom with two shots each. Head to the right, destroy the next two enemies that appear, and take the elevator up.
  3. Time your passage through the cylinders so that you are never caught between them and the ceiling or the floor. Pass beyond them to the elevator on the left.
  4. Go up the elevator, head to the right and take either the upper or lower passage. Destroy the enemies that are attached to the platforms before trying to pass them.
  5. After taking the elevator up, you will encounter a series of butterfly-like enemies. These enemies move around a lot and are tough to hit, but they only take one shot to destroy and they will always release an energy or bomb item for you to collect. Head to the left as you destroy each of them. Go up the A chute when you arrive.
  6. The A chute will deposit you in the lower right corner of the fortress. Head to the right, and destroy the mini core. If you have bombs, it will only take one bomb to destroy.
  7. Take the elevator beyond the mini-core to reach the true fortress core. Stand on top of the elevator and fire four bombs at the core to destroy it.
  8. The escape Lightspeeder is directly behind the core, so you won't have to search for it. Hop on and head to the next fortress.

Second quest notes[edit]

  • You will instantly notice that there are an abundance of blue robots added to the fortress. There are enough to even make it difficult to leave the elevator and enter the fortress.
  • Red robots will be added to the room in step 4. You can still stick to one path, but you'll need to dodge more bullets.
  • The third butterfly that you meet in step 5 will be a white butterfly, and take significantly more damage to kill.
  • More enemies occupy the main core room. Destroy the energy-wave shooter before you attack the core.