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  • Start button - Start or pause the game.
  • Select button - Not used normally.
  • Left dpad and Right dpad - Move left or right.
  • Down dpad - Crouch.
  • A button - Jump. Hold to jump higher.
  • B button - Throw bomb. Use Up dpad and Down dpad to adjust throwing range.


You control the adventurer throughout the game. The adventurer can run and jump throughout the area.

The adventurer is armed with an infinite supply of bombs. Up to one bomb can be thrown before the previous one explodes after 2 seconds. The bomb is thrown in an arc, but will fall down if it hits an enemy early. The explosion of bomb can also knock out many enemies and... the adventurer itself. Be careful when throwing a bomb.

Other than the bomb, the adventurer can be knocked out by:

  • Bottomless pits.
  • Touching most enemies.
  • Running out of time.

Treasure Chests[edit]

Throughout the game, there are many treasure chests scattered in various locations. Collecting them grants a given amount of points according to the location.

Special Items[edit]

There are some special items with a unique effect. Beware that being knocked out will lose some of the items.

  • Lamp (Zone 4, 18, 38, 47, 68 and 80) - When the bomb explodes in a pitch black zone, the terrain layout will be seen briefly. Note that the doors remain unseen.
  • Super Bomb (Zone 5, 32, 62) - Bomb explosion will affect all enemies on the screen. It can still only knock out the adventurer by hitting its body directly.
  • Boots (Zone 6, 22, 53, 64, 87) - Allows the adventurer to walk on clouds instead of falling through.
  • Cursor (Zone 9, 50) - While equipped, pressing Up dpad each time gives 3 points.
  • Star (Zone 10, 54, 88) - Protects the adventurer from being harmed by enemies.
  • Timer (Zone 25, 35, 52, 77) - Slows down the speed of time running out.
  • Voice (Zone 29, 44, 55, 66, 98) - While equipped, shout at the microphone on second controller to freeze all enemies on the screen for a while.
  • Double (Zone 66, 75) - Double the points gained from treasure chests.


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