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Zone 1[edit]

The adventure starts. From the starting point, head left and grab the treasure near the cliff for 500 points. There is also a hidden warp to Zone 33, which is triggered by jumping off and hugging the edge of cliff while falling. Now go back to the right, avoiding the bats and their droppings, and there will be another treasure (100 points) along the way. Soon after that is the first already open door, which leads to Zone 2. Further to the right there will be another door to Zone 11, but it is locked and must be blown open with a bomb.

Zone 2[edit]

The Snails here are rather hard to kill, but once a bomb is thrown, they will shrink into their shells and become harmless, until the bomb is away. Head to the right and there will be a treasure of 1000 points. After the third split, there is a door in the above path leading to Zone 3, while the treasure below contains 100 points. Further to the right, there is a 10,000 point treasure at the above path, and much farther, a third door that leads to Zone 9. There is a hidden door to Zone 5, revealed by a bomb 2 tiles left to the Zone 9 door.

Zone 3[edit]

Go left and get the 1000-point treasure at the cliff. After that, head back to the right. Use the bombs to avoid the Snails and jump as little as possible. When you have to jump over a gap, be careful, since that when the Fish usually come flying out. If you fall into the seventh pit from the door, you'll get sent to zone 6. If you make it to the end of this zone, there's a treasure of 100 points on top of the door to zone 4. You have to jump on top of it and then you'll land in the door. Just don't jump to far or you'll fly over it and into the chasm.

Zone 4[edit]

Now you're in a creepy cavern with Bats and Skeletons. You don't have to worry about the Bats. They will fly just over your head but they won't kill you. The Skeletons are a little troublesome but you can get rid of them by throwing a bomb beside them. After four Skeletons and bunch of Bats, you'll find the door to Zone 7. There's a chest on a tiny ledge beyond the door. You can get it by very carefully falling down or even better, doing a small hop onto it. It's tough to get and it might not be worth it. The lamp hanging higher must be collected from the right side.. The door to Zone 10 is placed too high to reach. Run all the way to the right to reach Zone 25.

Zone 5[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (2, 100,000)
  • Item: Super Bomb
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 2, Zone 24 (hidden))
  • BGM: Ruin

It looks like a simple room with two treasure and the Super Bomb, however, dropping a bomb at the location of Super Bomb will reveal the door to Zone 24.

Zone 6[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (100, 1,000)
  • Item: Boots
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 8, Zone 32 (hidden))
  • BGM: Cave

This is the first bonus room. Grab the treasure, jump over the Bat, and then exit through the door on the far left. Just the left tile next to the visible door is a hidden door to Zone 32.

Zone 7[edit]

Skeletons can appear from the grass. To the right end is a door to Zone 8.

Zone 8[edit]

A standard run, jump, and avoid the Snails zone. Be careful when you jump over holes because the ledges are tiny. After awhile, you'll be at a spot where there are two big holes and a platform that you have to jump onto. Carefully, jump to the ledges closest to the platform, jump onto it, and then jump across the larger hole ahead. You can make it and if you hit the ceiling, aim for the tiny ledge below and then jump to the right. It's simple after this part. Upon seeing the first treasure, the hole to the left contains a hidden door to Zone 15. Keep moving to the right, the first door you find will take you to zone 10, and the one further ahead takes you to zone 20.

Zone 9[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (200,000)
  • Item: Cursor
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 2, Zone 8)
  • BGM: Cave

A bonus room. Grab the treasure on the ledge and the item then leave. Left door goes to Zone 2 and right door to zone 8.

Zone 10[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (1,000, 1,000, 10,000)
  • Item: Star
  • Doors: 3 (Zone 4 (hidden), Zone 8, Zone 12)
  • BGM: Field

There aren't any enemies here but there's lots of jumping action. If the adventurer has boots, it is easier to jump over the clouds and even collect the star early. Otherwise, it is easier to jump over the double trees two at time and the single trees three at a time. The only exceptions to this is the part right after the series of single trees and two double trees with the larger hole between them. It is still possible to jump to the double tree at the far end, even with the larger hole. When you encounter the spots where there are double trees followed by several single trees, you should try to make it to the single tree closest to the double tree on the right. The door to zone 12 is at the far right end, but on the right side is a hidden door to Zone 4.

Zone 11[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (50,000, 50,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 1, Zone 52 (hidden))
  • BGM: Ruin

This is another bonus room. Grab the treasure here and then exit through the door. Get killed at the treasure on the right will warp to Zone 52.

Zone 12[edit]

This area is occupied by poop-dropping bats and skeletons. After the first treasure, the one-tile hole contains a hidden door to Zone 14. To the right end is the door to Zone 13.

Zone 13[edit]

The first treasure can be taken from the left. After that, move left carefully while dealing with mummies. To the left end of first treasure is a hidden door to Zone 44. Right at the third treasure (1,000 points) contains a hidden door to Zone 22. Otherwise, move left to Zone 16.

Zone 14[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (1,000, 2,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 12)
  • BGM: Field

A small island with two treasures at both ends. Grab them and return to Zone 12.

Zone 15[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (200,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 8)
  • BGM: Cave

Simple room with the treasure placed above the door.

Zone 16[edit]

Just 2 tiles right is a hidden door to Zone 18. Otherwise, run through the bones on the left.

Zone 17[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (5, 200,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 19)
  • BGM: Cave

A simple room with treasure.

Zone 18[edit]

The background is bad for eyes. First move to the left and grab treasure, otherwise it is impossible to climb from right side. The one block in the middle layer contains a hidden door to Zone 26.

Zone 19[edit]

The only zone with two hidden doors. Between the third and fourth treasure, the confined area contains a hidden door to Zone 88. To the right of fourth treasure, the third tile of first hole contains a hidden door to Zone 17.

Zone 20[edit]

This place is devoid of enemies and pretty much everything else except for the large pyramid and the words, "KEY WORD NAGOYA" hanging above it. The door is at the far right. It will take you back to zone 8, as will the entrance on the left side.

The fact is, the word "NAGOYA" can be read as "758" in Japanese. There are three statues on the left of words, and the player is required to throw bombs while above those statues, with the bomb count matching each digit of "758". When enough bombs have gone off, the player is warped to the hidden area of Final Zone, which contains the 4 million bonus.

  • A bomb counts as long as the player is above the corresponding statue when the bomb explodes. The location of exploding does not matter.

Zone 21[edit]

You'll drop from the door near the ceiling but there's another door that leads to zone 23 right below. There is also a hidden door of Zone 24 at the left nearby in the air. There's a treasure in each of the corners of this zone but there are several Skeletons along the way.

Zone 22[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (50,000, 50,000)
  • Item: Boots
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 13)
  • BGM: Ruin

A small X-shaped room. Grab the goods and leave.

Zone 23[edit]

This zone is similar to zone 4, except there are no Bats to be seen. Walk to the left and kill the Skeletons. After you kill three of them, jump across the hole, and then continue to the left. Kill any Skeleton you come across and enter the door to zone 27.

Zone 24[edit]

The hidden door to Zone 35 is placed in the middle of zone, inside an odd hole with a 100 treasure above. To the far left is an open door of Zone 34.

Zone 25[edit]

A small room with two treasure. The left door leads to Zone 33. At the right of door of Zone 4 is a hidden door to Zone 41.

Zone 26[edit]

After jumping over a few trees, there is a long island with two chests. If the player has collected the diamond, however, in the sky of the island will show a few words referring to the game developers.

Zone 27[edit]

A long run with fishes and mermen. Two visible doors are together, with the left one leading to Zone 29, and the right one to Zone 28. Continue to the right and the hidden door to Zone 56 is at the rightmost tile after the last treasure.

Zone 28[edit]

  • Treasure: 4 (1,000, 3,000, 1,000, 5,000)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 27, Zone 30)
  • BGM: Ruin

It's pitch black here such that the lamp powerup is mandatory. You can carefully make your way through the zone and avoid the holes by watching where the Snails fall. The door to Zone 30 is between the last two treasure.

Zone 29[edit]

A zone that's fairly simple. There are mainly Worms and Skeletons here, but they appear somewhat randomly. Just jump over the Worms when you see them and kill and/or jump over the Skeletons. When you see the purple blocks, carefully jump onto them and then jump across the hole. Keep going until you see three doors. Before you open them, jump onto the purple blocks ahead and grab the treasure. The first door will lead to zone 32, the middle one leads to zone 42 (avoid), and the last one leads to zone 31.

Zone 30[edit]

It is slippy. Move left a bit to gain room to accelerate and climb the first hill.

Zone 31[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (100,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 29)
  • BGM: Field

A bonus room. Grab the treasure and exit.

Zone 32[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (50, 20)
  • Item: Super Bomb
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 33, Zone 37 (hidden))
  • BGM: Field

Carefully jump onto the higher pile of blocks and then jump across the hole. You'll run into three groups of Skeletons altogether. Either destroy them or jump over them but continue on and you'll find the door to zone 33 ahead, with a hidden door to zone 37 right beside.

Zone 33[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (1, 200, 1,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 34)
  • BGM: Cave

A standard run and jump zone. Avoid the Mummies and the Scorpions and just run to the right until you reach the door to zone 34. You should know you're jumping limitations at this point in the game so don't jump if you don't think you can make it. Kill the Mummies and Scorpions if you need to. This zone also contains the smallest treasure (1 point).

Zone 34[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (1000, 1000, 1000)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 36, Zone 37 (hidden))
  • BGM: Ruin

Beware of the glowing water with fishes popping out from time to time. There are also mermans, but both of them can be knocked out with bombs. The door at the right end leads to Zone 36. The hidden door to Zone 37 is near the second treasure. Stand on the second pillar to the left of second treasure, then make a full jump to the right to enter the door.

Zone 35[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (100, 100,000)
  • Item: Timer
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 24)
  • BGM: Ruin

A simple bonus room. Grab the items and leave.

Zone 36[edit]

It is a pitch black zone with three-level layout. Right at the start is a column of lights, with only the area between the middle two being solid ground. Jump over the lower pit, go up from the right and walk left in order to reach the first 1000 treasure. Continue left and jump over the second pit between the lower two lights of second column, then jump into the middle level before the third light column and reach the 10000 treasure. Then at the fourth light column, jump to the upper level and find the invisible door to Zone 37 located 8 tiles away to the right.

Zone 37[edit]

The first treasure (4 points) is to the left of entrance. If you want more treasure, carefully make your way to the left and grab it from the Snail. After that, head back to the right and avoid making crazy long jumps like you did in zone 8 because of the Fish flying around. They usually appear every 6 seconds so you should stop jumping and watch out when around that time. Continue to the right and take it easy on the small ledges and you'll find the door to zone 38. However, the right hole also contains a hidden door to Zone 39.

Zone 38[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (10,000, 100)
  • Item: Lamp
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 37, Zone 40)
  • BGM: Cave

Here's another pitch black zone, except this one is harder. Right to the door of Zone 37 is a safe treasure, but from this treasure to the lamp is a path of pits. Use bombs to check the ground. Don't be too hasty to grab the lamp, as it is placed above a pit. With the lamp, check the terrain carefully while grabbing another treasure. After that, there will be a long segmented ground, and a door to Zone 40 is 2 tiles away from the right end of second segment.

Zone 39[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (50,000, 500, 100,000)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 37, Zone 49)
  • BGM: Ruin

Both exits are splitted into two confined rooms such that it is impossible to move to Zone 49 normally. However, by using the death-warp trick, it is possible to fall into the door of Zone 49 and make a one-way trip.

Zone 40[edit]

The blue ground indicates that it is an ice zone, such that all floors are slippy. Jump carefully while reaching the far right side to get the door to Zone 43.

Zone 41[edit]

Because of the pillar, this is one of the smallest rooms with only 3 tiles. Other than the treasure, both other tiles contain hidden doors.

Zone 42[edit]

  • Treasure: 0
  • Doors: 0
  • BGM: The End

It's a black hole. The adventurer will fall off the screen and die, and there is no escape, meaning an eventually game over. After running out of lives, the number of total treasure collected will be displayed.

Zone 43[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (10,000, 5,000, 500)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 44, Zone 53)
  • BGM: Ruin

Jump carefully. Right at the hole to the first treasure is a hidden door to Zone 53. Continue right and dodge a few purple bouncing blobs. The open door at far right leads to Zone 44.

Zone 44[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (1,000, 1,000, 1,000)
  • Item: Voice
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 45)
  • BGM: Field

Another jumping level. Right at the start there is a Voice. The flying insects can be knocked down by bomb touching. Go all the way right to move to Zone 45.

Zone 45[edit]

Move through many green mossy platforms. To the left end is two doors, with the left leading to Zone 46, and the right to Zone 48.

Zone 46[edit]

Starting from the door from Zone 45, move left to find the treasure. Otherwise, go all the way right and move to Zone 50. Oddly, at the right side of the visible door of Zone 50 is a hidden door also leading to Zone 50.

Zone 47[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (10, 400)
  • Item: Lamp
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 48, Zone 52)
  • BGM: Field

The lamp here is merely useless unless you somehow get knocked out in this level. Run all the way to the left.

Zone 48[edit]

Another dark level, use the bombs and lamp carefully.

Zone 49[edit]

The background may look horrible. Grab the only treasure and flee.

Zone 50[edit]

Another crowded cave like Zone 2. Move left all the way. The lower left door leads to Zone 51, while the upper door leads to Zone 52.

According to this datamined map, there is a hidden door to Zone 59, however it is closed and cannot be blown open due to stuck in the wall.

Zone 51[edit]

It is slippy and there are snails and fishes. The first time reaching the lowest level, bomb the right end to reveal a hidden door to Zone 54. Move on and go to Zone 56. Be careful of the hole right before the exit door, which forces a bomb death.

Zone 52[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (500, 1,000)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 56, Zone 91 (hidden))
  • BGM: Ruin

Start from the far right end. Jump over the broken bridge, run to the left and move to Zone 56. However, getting killed by a bomb at the left end of bridge will warp to Zone 91.

Zone 53[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (200,000)
  • Item: Boots
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 43)
  • BGM: Field

The treasure is a safe one, but not the boots. Grab them carefully.

Zone 54[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (500, 1,000,000)
  • Item: Star
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 51)
  • BGM: Field

Without boots it is impossible to reach any treasure. Otherwise, there is the other 1 million treasure (the other at Zone 64) in the whole game.

Zone 55[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (200,000)
  • Item: Voice
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 59)
  • BGM: Field

This zone can only be accessed with the stage select code. It is a small zone with a single item and a big 200,000 treasure, with the only door leading to the otherwise password-only Zone 59.

Zone 56[edit]

Move left. The first visible door leads to Zone 57. On the other side of that door is a hidden door to Zone 62. In order to reach the door to zone 76, climb to the top level of the platforms (and move while out of screen), make a full jump to reach the other side.

Zone 57[edit]

The background is flashing green, be careful. This is a one-way zone leading to Zone 58.

Zone 58[edit]

The first jump of this dark zone is already nasty, not to mention the snails and mermen. The exit to Zone 60 is at the first tall pillar after all three treasure.

Zone 59[edit]

  • Treasure: 4 (200, 5, 3, 3000)
  • Doors: 3 (Zone 26, Zone 55 (hidden), Zone 69)
  • BGM: Field

The proper entrance of Zone 50 is blocked, thus, this zone can only be accessed with the stage select code.

This zone contains several vertical shafts, with the left 7 containing something meaningful. The door to Zone 55 is hidden in the 6th shaft.

Zone 60[edit]

The door to Zone 64 is at the far right end with all treasure, but the other two exits are near to the left. The left end door leads to Zone 61, while the pit nearby dumps the adventurer to Zone 68.

Zone 61[edit]

A slippy cave. Just move left.

Zone 62[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (300)
  • Item: Super Bomb
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 56, Zone 63)
  • BGM: Cave

A tiny zone. The gray door returns to Zone 56 while the green door leads to Zone 63.

Zone 63[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (200,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 60)
  • BGM: Field

A one-room zone. The 4th tile from the left contains the only hidden exit to Zone 60.

Zone 64[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (5, 10,000, 1,000,000)
  • Item: Boots
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 60)
  • BGM: Ruin

It looks like a simple room with two treasure and the boots. However, by jumping over the yellow wall to the right, one can reach the third treasure with whopping 1 million points. This is also the largest possible points per standard treasure.

Zone 65[edit]

Another slippy zone. Do not run too fast while collecting the second treasure.

Zone 66[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (100)
  • Item: Double, Voice
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 71, Zone 80)
  • BGM: Field

The treasure must be collected by coming from Zone 71.

Zone 67[edit]

It is still slippy. At the starting point, reaching the lower level will be impossible to leave. It is safe afterwards.

Zone 68[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (2,000, 10,000)
  • Item: Lamp
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 72)
  • BGM: Cave

A dark level with green worms and segmented floors. Luckily, the lamp itself is safe at the right edge of a platform. The door to Zone 72 is at the mid-air of right end wall.

Zone 69[edit]

The longest level with a long run through the desert. At the tallest pyramid, stand below the peak and press Down dpad 50 times to activate a secret warp to Zone 86. After the tallest pyramid, there is a treasure.

  • Inputs on both controllers count toward the warp.

Zone 70[edit]

  • Treasure: 0
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 72)
  • BGM: Field

Hold Right dpad to get in the only door before falling into the pit.

Zone 71[edit]

It is slippy and there are not many pillars to stand. The far right end leads to Zone 72.

Zone 72[edit]

It is a slippy zone with durable mummies (takes 3 bombs to knock out). The left end contains two doors, but only the lower one to Zone 52 can be opened.

Zone 73[edit]

Despite being a cave level without water, fishes can pop out, such that the upper area is relatively safe. The left end returns to Zone 72 while the right end leads to Zone 74.

Zone 74[edit]

A moai zone with skeletons. Luckily the moai statues are safe. The far right end leads to Zone 75.

Zone 75[edit]

Carefully jump to reach the lower door. Picking up Double will result in pit death.

Zone 76[edit]

Instead of the door, jump into the pit to escape to Zone 77.

Zone 77[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (50,000, 2,000)
  • Item: Timer
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 78)
  • BGM: Ruin

Jump carefully.

Zone 78[edit]

Jump between two walls to reach the top. To the left is a dead end.

Zone 79[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (5,000, 2,000, 20,000)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 78, Zone 80)
  • BGM: Field

This bloody river is flooded with enemies.

Zone 80[edit]

The first treasure needs to be reached from the right. The door in the middle air leads to Zone 66.

Zone 81[edit]

Simply climb to the door and leave.

Zone 82[edit]

Collecting the first treasure will force a pit death. Otherwise, there are only a few trees for jumping to the left.

Zone 83[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (10,000, 50,000)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 85, Zone 93 (hidden))
  • BGM: Field

The right wing is a dead end with treasure. Otherwise, go left. The only pit leads to Zone 93.

Zone 84[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (4)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 83 (hidden))
  • BGM: Cave

This zone can only be accessed with the stage select code, as there is not a proper door leading to this zone. The only exit is at the very left end, with a small treasure nearby.

Zone 85[edit]

The red bridge is also flooded with enemies.

Zone 86[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (50,000, 5,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 87)
  • BGM: Ruin

Inside the pyramid, it is darkness and slippy. Move left with caution.

Zone 87[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (400, 50,000)
  • Item: Boots
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 86, Zone 90)
  • BGM: Cave

Another 3-level maze. Go left again.

Zone 88[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (5,000, 200,000, 5,000)
  • Item: Star
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 19, Zone 41)
  • BGM: Ruin

This small and dark room contains a lot of treasure. Throw bombs to check the terrain.

Zone 89[edit]

Another slippy dark zone. Go right this time. The exit to Zone 92 is at the last stretch of islands.

Zone 90[edit]

A small zone crowded with fishes. Collect the only treasure and flee.

Zone 91[edit]

  • Treasure: 2 (100,000, 200,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 95)
  • BGM: Field

Just falling down from Zone 52 will enter the door to Zone 95 without collecting either treasure, so hold Left dpad or Right dpad upon entering.

Zone 92[edit]

  • Treasure: 4 (1,000, 100, 5,000, 30)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 89, Zone 96)
  • BGM: Ruin

Many, many purple blobs. Blast a way out.

Zone 93[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (300,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 96)
  • BGM: Field

The hidden door to Zone 96 is at the third tile from the left.

Zone 94[edit]

The flash hurts eyes. The rightmost tile of land contains a hidden door to Zone 97.

Zone 95[edit]

  • Treasure: 3 (1,000, 1,000, 10,000)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 91, Zone 93)
  • BGM: Ruin

Many, many enemies. Grab the treasure and move to Zone 93 quickly.

Zone 96[edit]

  • Treasure: (50,000, 100, 2,000)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 98)
  • BGM: Field

Keep running to the right. Keep jumping in the narrow path may reduce the chance of mummies spawning.

Zone 97[edit]

This zone cannot be cleared without boots. First get to top of the wall, then go left.

Zone 98[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (50,000)
  • Item: Voice
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 96, Zone 99)
  • BGM: Ruin

First collect the treasure. In this level, the adventurer must jump over all pillars precisely.

Zone 99[edit]

  • Treasure: (300, 30,000, 10)
  • Doors: 2 (Zone 6 (special), Final Zone (hidden))
  • BGM: Field

This is a loop zone. The hidden door to Final Zone is closer to the left in the only hole, but going right can reach all treasure earlier. There is a door to Zone 6, which only appears near the hidden door after collecting the diamond in the Final Zone.

Final Zone[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (diamond)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 99)
  • BGM: Ruin

Lots of stone faces firing fire balls. Dodge them until running into the middle where the diamond is below a blue stone face. Collect the diamond (it does not worth any point, however) and the "Congratulation" word will display, with a formerly stone guy on the left returning to normal and starting to laugh. The diamond will also unlock the path from Zone 99 to Zone 6.

Final Zone (Hidden)[edit]

  • Treasure: 1 (4 million)
  • Doors: 1 (Zone 20)
  • BGM: Ruin

This is actually a separated part of standard Final Zone. If the player has solved the riddle in Zone 20, there is a whopping 4 million bonus right below the only stone face. Otherwise, leave the door immediately.