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  • Q, A, O, and P: For the ZX version, use these keys to make Bangers jump, crouch, walk left and walk right; however, for the CPC and C64 versions, you must use the joystick instead. Pressing Space (or the button on the joystick) also causes Bangers to throw mud pies at the enemies.



BAM Bangers.png

Although the game's title implies that two players can play simultaneously as both Bangers and Mash, only one player can play alone as Bangers (the chimp with the yellow shirt and the red tie, although he is yellow all over in the ZX version); apparently he has been naughty, so his Mum has kicked him out of the family house ("No. 3 Tree Street"). In order to make it up to her, he has to collect as many bananas, apples and pears as he can for a fruit pie she is preparing, along with diamonds for bonus points, while watching out for hedgehogs, ladybirds, Venus flytraps, ghosts, skeletons, and the rat-witch Mrs. Snitchnose, as they will kill him if they touch him - however, Bangers has an unlimited supply of mud pies that he can throw at the enemies to kill them (however, the skeletons and Mrs. Snitchnose take more than one hit to kill, and the ghosts will only get pushed away by them). The white flowers shall also explode and cause every fruit on the screen to be collected when touched, while the purple ones are worth extra points, and the blue ones will reverse Bangers's controls for a short period of time; however, the red ones will, like all enemies' contact, kill Bangers if he touches them. Once Bangers collects all the fruit on the first level, he must grab onto a large balloon in order to be carried over to the second level (however, if he tries to do it before he has collected all the fruit on the first level, the balloon shall explode before he can reach the platform it is on, so he has to collect it all).


There are five types of enemies that Bangers has to watch out for: Skeletons only appear in the graveyard to the left of the first level, and emerge from their graves to bounce their heads into the air, Ghosts cannot be killed (so Bangers's mud pies will only push them away), Ladybirds and Hedgehogs walk back and forth on their platforms and Mrs. Snitchnose is like a destructible version of the Ghosts (but even when killed, she will come back again and again). Bangers must also watch out for Venus Flytraps and Red Flowers in the game - which don't move, but will still kill him if he touches them.