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Area 1 enemy evolution
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A) Information
B) Information
C) Free Energy
D) Heat Knife Upgrade
E) Wrestling contest
F) Inn
G) Spider Shot
H) Information
I) Information
  1. From the start head to the right. You'll need to rely on your Heat Knife to strike at enemies when they get close enough to Dan. Remain on the upper path if you wish to visit door A and learn about entering doors to find things. Continue right, and jump up the platforms to reach door B, where you learn that you must beat the boss to proceed to the next area. Then pass through the gate to reach the first elevator.
  2. Ride the elevator door, and exit to the left. The mouth above the floor may look like something worth investigating, but it is not. Instead, continue to the left. Clear away enemies that approach you and proceed to the next gate. Once beyond the gate, jump up to the higher platforms, and proceed to door C. Inside, a man will give you 40 units of energy. Once you collect it, drop down to the floor, and approach the small window which serves as passage a. Jump to it to access the passage.
  3. You will arrive in a hallway area. Watch out for the small enemies which constantly appear and fly through the hallway. You must kneel down and crawl through the tunnels to reach the rooms ahead. You will see another window in the next room. This is passage b. Jump through it, and you will arrive in a new area.
  4. Walk to the left, fight the blue enemy, and be especially careful to cross over the spikes when the bridge is fully extended. You will reach door D where you can purchase the Heat Knife Upgrade for a mere 10 units of energy. Don't miss out on this as it significantly enhances the usability of your main weapon. Then return to passage b, once again carefully crossing the bridge over the spikes.
  5. When you return to the hallway, crouch down once again and crawl to the final room on the left. Leap through passage c. Walk to the left and use the enhanced power of the heat knife to attack your enemies from a safe distance. You will see a passage entrance way up high on the top of a column. You cannot access this passage, and it is the arrival point from the passage found in the boss room. Ignore it and continue left to reach door E.
  6. Behind door E, a friendly alien will challenge you to a wrestling match. To win this match, you must tap A button quickly enough to push the alien to the back of the room. If you succeed, you will be rewarded with 160 units of energy. Defeat the alien if you can, collect the money, and return outside. Drop down to the floor, carefully remove the large enemy that stands between you and the gate, and then pass through the gate.
  7. Ride the next elevator down and exit to the right. Proceed to the right through the next area, taking out any enemies that you encounter. Carefully jump over the spikes and enter door F. This is an Inn. For 80 units of energy, you can rest here and restore your health. Unless you are only missing a few bars of health, it is recommended that you do so.
  8. After leaving the Inn, continue right. You may wish to jump across this area in order to travel faster. Just watch out for the floating aliens that bomb projectiles to the floor when you approach the gate. Pass through the gate to the next area. As you walk forward, you will see the hole in the wall that serves as passage e. Before you visit this passage, it is recommended that you continue to the right until you reach the end of the area.
  9. Passage d is hidden here
    The back of this area contains three straight pillars in the background. If you jump up below the right-most pillar, a hidden passage will appear. This is passage d. Take it and jump over the spikes to reach door G. In door G, you will find a computer. When asked if you want to flick the switch, press A button and the computer will identify your hidden weapon, the Spider Shot. You will now be able to hit Start button and toggle between the Heat Knife and the Spider Shot. Be aware that each time you fire the Spider Shot, you spend two units of energy.
  10. After you obtain the Spider Shot, return through passage d. You will instead drop from a hole near the ceiling. Return to the left and access passage e this time. You will find yourself in a new hallway. Take out the enemy which appears right where you land, and watch out for more flying enemies. Crouch down to crawl through the tunnel. In the next room, you will find door H where an alien will give you a hint on how to find secret passage d. Then continue crawling to the next room where you will find passage f. Jump up to pass through it.
  11. After you fall to the floor on the other side of passage f, you must jump back to the left in order to jump back to the right and reach the platform above the floor. Proceed to the right, and destroy any enemies on the opposite side of the spike pits before attempting to leap over them. You will reach door I, where a man inside informs you that the boss of the stage is immediately below you. All that's left to do is to pass through the gate, ride the elevator down, and exit to the left to reach the boss.


The boss of each area is the ultimate evolutionary form of all of the brown enemies that you have been encountering throughout the level, named the Labatoor. This boss may look intimidating as it approaches you while firing projectiles at you, but it will stop just short of touching you and reverse it's direction. When it reaches the back wall, it will leap forward but once again land just short of you. You can safely remain on the right side of the room as long as you remain standing. However, standing makes you vulnerable to its projectiles, so it's recommended that you squat down while it's not standing very close to you (you may need to move away from the gate in order to crouch). Switch to your Spider Shot weapon and fire it as rapidly as you can while remaining on the right side of the room. Regardless of how much energy the boss possessed when the fight began, you should be able to quickly whittle its energy down to nothing.

If you happen to die in the middle of the battle, you will resume the game in the same room, but the boss will be missing. You will have no choice at this point but to utilize the passage found in the room, and return all the way back to the boss room from where ever the passage deposits you. During this time, the boss will begin to regain strength, so don't waste time. If you win, you will automatically progress to the next stage.