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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to guide Dan through each level. Press and hold left or right to make Dan run in either direction. Press down to flatten Dan to the floor, then push left or right to make him crawl, and push up to make him stand back up again. When standing on an elevator, push up or down to ride the elevator in the desired direction.
  • A button: Press the A button to jump. Dan cannot jump very high, but he can jump rather far, and moves faster while jumping than while running.
  • B button: Press the B button to use Dan's currently selected weapon. All weapons except the Heat Knife require energy to fire, and will not fire unless Dan has enough energy stored up.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to pause the game, and call upon the weapon selection menu. You can select which weapon you want Dan to use, as well as see the number of remaining lives you have.
  • Select button: Press the Select button to pause and unpause the action mid-game.


Dan is the hero of the game who is sent back in time to a moment in history when it might be possible for him to prevent the alien invasion that takes over earth. During cut scenes, he is depicted as having green hair (as shown to the right), but during most of the game, he is presented with brown hair (shown left). Dan must complete five levels to prevent the alien invasion from taking place. He is capable of utilizing a wide array of weapons, most of which he must find or purchase. In order to succeed, Dan must rely on his leaping ability. Dan cannot jump very far off the ground. However, he is quite skilled at jumping a long distance. His jump is so good, in fact, that he moves faster over the ground when jumping than when running, a detail that can help him reach the end of the levels faster. This is important because the longer Dan takes to reach the boss of a particular level, the stronger it will be when he reaches it.


The only weapon Dan starts out with is the Heat Knife. All other weapons must be found throughout the levels, or purchased from shop owners. In addition to gaining weapons, some can even be upgraded if Dan locates the correct shop.

Heat Knife Spider Shot Smart Bomb

Dan begins the game with the Heat Knife. It is the only weapon that does not require energy to use. At the start, the knife is a very close range weapon that is not very powerful. It is good for clearing out the enemies that Dan can easily approach, but it's not good for reaching far away enemies. A Heat Knife power-up can be purchased which extends the range of the knife a great deal, making it far more useful.

Energy use: 2
The Spider Shot is a weapon that Dan apparently has on his body, but he must learn how to activate it first. Of all the weapons, it requires the least energy to use, and it is a handy long-range weapon which can take out enemies straight ahead of him. It can be powered up and become stronger.

Energy use: 6
The Smart Bomb is more like a grenade, a weapon which Dan lobs ahead of him. It doesn't travel very far, and isn't necessarily useful for destroying enemies at Dan's feet. But it is very useful for getting rid of enemies which are above Dan and just out of reach. They are also useful for discovering hidden passages.

Pulse Bee Rolling Shot Psycho Blossom

Energy use: 4
The Pulse Bee is an outstanding weapon that looks a bit like a frisbee, and flies out and back like a boomerang. It is capable of hitting enemies multiple times, and is quite effective against bosses. It can be powered up to increase its strength.

Energy use: 6
The Rolling Shot is a weapon that acts more like a shield. For each use, two orbs rotate around Dan very rapidly and quite briefly. Any enemy struck by the orbs takes damage. At first, these orbs fly very close to Dan, making it quite ineffective. It can be powered-up however, which increases the radius at which the orbs fly around Dan, making it much more useful.

Energy use: 4
The Psycho Blossom is a series of explosions that Dan creates ahead of himself. Each explosion is quite big, and several of them appear one after the other. Only those enemies which are actually caught in the explosions take damage.

Thunder Sword

Energy use: 12
The Thunder Sword is the most powerful of all of Dan's weapons. However, it is also the most expensive to use. It fires a large plasma beam, and appears like an upgraded Heat Knife which continues to travel forward instead of returning to Dan. It's expense makes its use prohibitive except during key battles.

Support items[edit]

Items are purchased from shops. Only one item may be active at any given moment. Unlike weapons, Dan will lose the benefit of whatever item he is holding if he loses a life.

Scanner Goggles Psycho Barrier Jet Shoes

Scanner Goggles allow Dan to see better in the dark. They allow him to make out the contours of a room, as well as any threats to Dan that might be present, but otherwise invisible.

The Psycho Barrier is a very valuable item which cut in half the amount of damage that Dan receives from enemy attacks. This effectively doubles his health meter. Once obtained, Dan should try to hold on to this item for as long as possible.

The Jet Shoes allow Dan to run at 150% of his normal speed. While the extra boost in speed can be helpful in reaching boss battles faster, the Psycho Barrier should not be given up in favor of the shoes if it can be helped.