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At the entrance top the safe house is a Dr. Zed's vending machine, and Marcus's ammo.

Mine Gate Key[edit]

Your objective in this region is to collect the Mine Gate Key. There are a few places of note as you approach.

The first is a claptrap, who can upgrade your backpack, along with two weapon chests.

After this is a small arena with a large number of migdge psychos, and regular psychos.

Once you start to see yellow arrows, you are getting close to the key. Take a left turn to resupply some ammo, activate the next respawn point, and to open a weapon chest. Follow the arrow to collect the key.

Roid Rage Psycho[edit]

Roid Rage Psycho is a giant enemy that can throw grenades and perform charging attacks. He is vulnerable to head shots, even though he is armored there. He is also supported by many mutant midget psychos.

Once he is defeated, Press the switch in the center of the room to access the key. You will need to return to Arid Badlands to open the gate to headstone mine.

Claptrap Rescue[edit]

[[File:BL SSH Claptrap kit.png|thumb|right|Claptrap repair kit is just across the gap. When you reach the claptrap, backtrack to the ramp from the fallen floor. You can see the kit on top of some vents, but seems to be out of reach. To get at it, jump on the ledge to the right of the ramp, and walk along to the other side. Grab the kit by jumping at it.

Weapon Crates[edit]

  • One is located near the claptrap.
  • One is unlocked by the claptrap after he is repaired.
  • When you first see a lit yellow arrow pointing right, head left to an ammo room and a chest.