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Barbarian Boss is the fourth level in Castle Crashers. This is also the first level when you have to fight a major boss. The fight is quite tough, but if you know the boss's attacks, the fight should be easy.


Castle Crashers (Insane Mode) Barbarian War (1:56)
A walkthrough about the level

Note: This guide is on Insane Mode. If you're playing in Normal Mode, keep reading! It's better to know a little more :)

On Normal Mode, the boss is very slow and weak, but on Insane Mode, he's extremely fast and very strong. The boss's main attacks:

Giant Punch: If you stand too close to the boss, he will draw his arm back then quickly swing it towards you, dealing lots of damage to you as well as the Barbarians who join in the fight too. This attack can be blocked with the shield.

Shield Spikes: If you stand far from the boss, he will pull out his shield, blocking your attacks for a while then suddenly the spikes on the shield will shoot out, knocking you to the ground. This attack can be blocked with the shield. This attack deals lots of damage and it can also damage the Barbarians who join in the fight too.

Shield Slam: The boss will jump up, swoop his shield over his head, trying to slam you. If he succeeds, you'll be shoved into the ground, so quickly press the "Move Left" and "Move Right" buttons alternatively to escape. This attack is very weak and it can not be blocked with the shield. Other enemies will be shoved into the ground and take damage too.

Barbarians: These guys will join in the fight when the boss's health is about 75%. They will always drop food when killed, which you use to heal yourself. Only 2 Barbarians can join in the fight at the same time.

Toxic Belch A rare attack. He will pull out a green bottle, drinking whatever inside it and then burping out flames which can damage the player and other enemies. The bottle, upon making contact with the ground, will explode, damage anyone in its blast radius. This attack can't be blocked with the shield.

A large treasure chest will fall from the sky, crush the boss (which has been defeated). Open the chest by keep hitting it. The treasure will be sent to the sky then drop everywhere. Pick them up quickly before they expire. Remember to cut the Red Princess's bindings in order to free her. Then, kiss her to end the level.