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Thieves' Forest is the sixth level in Castle Crashers. The main enemies are Thieves and the boss is the Troll Mother. This level can tough for the first time as Thieves shoot their arrows in a straight line, which is very annoying.


Castle Crashers (Insane Mode) Thieves' Forest (8:15)
A walkthrough about the level. Note that "thieves" is misspelled.

Note: This guide is on Insane Mode. If you're playing in Normal Mode, keep reading! It's better to know a little bit more! :)

This is level is extremely hard on Insane Mode, so read carefully.

First Wave: 1 Thief CC Thief Head.gif
After the intro video, move to your right slowly, you'll see a small bush in front of you. Raise your shield then slowly walk near it. If you get close enough, "it" will "move" away from you, revealing a Thief inside. After that, quickly use your magic to attack him. This should be easy. Remember, keep raising your shield as the Thief might shoot or slash you if you get too close.

Getting the Boomerang: After defeating the Thief, keep moving to the right, you'll see a similar bush below an owl. If you bring Cardinal to the level, he'll retrieve the boomerang from the bush for you.

Second Wave: 4 Thieves CC Thief Head.gif
Run to the right, quickly grab the gold before a Thief gets it. After that, 4 Thieves will show up and attack you. You can use the air-juggling combo to attack the nearest Thief (be quick) and then line up the rest and use your magic splash attack to damage them at the same time. When in doubt, raise your shield. Remember to grab food from fallen enemies too.

Third Wave: 6 Thieves CC Thief Head.gif
Just a few steps to the right, another wave of Thieves will arrive and try to overwhelm you. Lots of arrows will be shot, but you can avoid it by going airborn by using the "Double Jump With Spin Combo" (press the "jump button" twice) then quickly air-juggle them to death. Or you can stay on the ground, raising your shield, waiting for enemies to line up then use your magic to damage them at the same time. Then you can open the chest safely to reveal a new weapon: "Meat Tenderizer".