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3D Realms
3D Realms's company logo.
Founded 1994 (1987 as Apogee)
Located Garland, TX
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3D Realms is a publisher of first-person shooter games. 3D Realms began as a division of Apogee in 1994- Apogee had developed many games in other areas since its inception in 1987. First-person shooters soon began to surpass other types of games, and with the company's games created under the Apogee name dwindling, the Apogee name was discontinued in 1996. The company's official business name remains Apogee, but all games are branded 3D Realms.

In 2008, 3D Realms licensed the use of the Apogee name to a new company, Apogee Games LLC.

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