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Control Action
Neutral dpad Move cursor
Circle button Close window/cancel
Cross button Advance text/confirm
Square button Skip text (only includes text that has been seen before)
Triangle button Open menu
L1 button Quick save
R1 button Quick load
Start button Automatically advance text
Select button or Touchpad button Force skip (includes text that hasn't been seen before)
Neutral lstick See history, move camera during CGs
Neutral rstick Zoom in/out of CGs


Code Realize chara Cardia.png

Her existence before was very nearly doll-like, but she discovered what it means to have a heart through bonding with the people she loves and turned from a monster to just a regular girl.

As she is a representation of the player, Cardia's name can be changed before the game begins (with a limit of 6 characters). However, if left as the default, other characters will pronounce her name throughout the story, whereas they say nothing otherwise.