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In a world where regardless who you are: Rich, Homeless, Famous... You leave your home and abandon who you are to lead a life of hardcore drugs and crime. Ethan Thomas, a Former SCU agent was suspended from the Bureau for the killing of two agents from his gun, has seen this coming all along. His suspension becomes lifted after he's cleared of such crimes, but sooner resigns. His hallucinations and his drinking have both become a serious problem. In the back of Ethan's mind, he knows something’s up, and he’s right. Malcom Vanhorn tries to get a hold of him, non-stop, and Ethan just ignores him. The Bureau gets a call from Malcom, hearing the mysterious end to Malcolm's call. Ethan then has to find Vanhorn, and figure out exactly what’s going on. He’s tired of waiting for the darkness to come to him, so he’s going to it. As Ethan, players will engage in visceral combat using a variety of firearms, blunt instruments and an all-new fighting system complete with offensive combo chains. There will be four layers of combat. Hand to hand combat, melee weapons, firearms, and an arsenal of gruesome finishing moves. Using finishing moves more and more will allow you to upgrade the amount of Chain Points you get, and add to your finishing moves. Level 1 Chain is your basic Swing, Swing, Headbutt. Level 2 Chain is your Joint/Bone Breaking Chains. Level 3 Chain is your 'Had Enough' moves, beat them until their dumb then break their necks. Completing tasks throughout missions like optional Investigations and destroying the Oro's Emitters, will get you upgrades like the Gun Holster, Brass Knuckles with a Knife attached, and Steel Toed Boots. Throughout the single-player it has been confirmed that Ethan will have to come to grips with his alcoholism. When Ethan drinks, it will allow him to have steady aim when he looks down the iron sight of a gun. This will affect your online play as well, but as you progress in the game, you will encounter the 'Alcoholism Demon' as he's referred to, To continue the game you must beat the life from him in any way you please. Afterwards you wont need to drink to aim. Later, Ethan realizes his origins and learns to infuse his rage into his voice, leading to destructive use when pit against his enemies. Bloodshot is an amazing sequel to Criminal Origins, you will go through Ethan's hallucinations, misplaced trust, and well placed aggression to uncover a truth so massive, the worlds very foundation will struggle to stay in one piece. Will you end the madness... Or add to it?