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Now, you are at the cliffhanger of Windy, so go cross over the water moat. Then turn right, and then can you see a mouse that likes to burp and fart at everybody and there is a big one squishing a small metal block. Go talk to the small one, and he says that he must get rid of the mouse. The mouse wants cheese to destroy him, so go avoid the jumping metal boxes that smash you and get to the cheese field, and fry pan a cheese piece and feed it to Marvin. Do this three times until he gets overloaded and explodes, then go into the barn where you shall see hay. There is Franky the pitchfork and a paintbrush and a paint can. If you go to Franky, he will poke you with his pitchfork. Get Franky to kill all hay and then he hangs himself, suiciding. Then you will have to grab a lever to let the King bee and its bees out of the barn.

Meet King Bee, and he tells you his wife kicked him out. He wants to pollinate a sunflower, so talk to the sunflower, who starts getting tickly at the moment. To fully tickle her, grab five bees. Her stigmas will appear and the King Bee will pollinate her. Go over on the box when it stops, where you get the first bees, and then get up there, where there are two bats trying to make you unbalanced. Kill them using flamethrowers, then use throwing knives on the noose rope. The rope will break, causing Franky to fall down. He says thank you, but there is a big hay, so get him three times to fire him up.

After that, he will smash the floor causing Conker, Franky, and Haybot to fall down. Then you will have to kill Haybot by letting the missiles making a hole through the pipes causing water to make him electrocute, and then press the big button when the context sensitive instruction appears. Do this two more times, and then Franky gets broken in half and Conker fixes him using tape. Then suddenly water comes to flood the place, and now it's time for escape. Kill all wires, and get to the exit before it's too late. You will see a monk once you exit maintenance area, then jump on the stone and it will throw you into a another rafter, where you can get out of the barn. Now climb up to a diving board while avoiding wasps, and then jump on it and then press B button once you get up there. Jump one more time on the diving board and Conker will be available, causing him to press a context sensitive button to open a gate. Now, get out of the pool and then head over to Windy level again.

Money locations[edit]

  • After the mouse is gone, jump on the metal boxes to get on top of barn.
  • Above a sunflower.
  • After you open the gate, go through.
  • After the flood, go inside the barn.