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Conker's Bad Fur Day is comprised of 9 chapters, each divided into smaller missions. This walkthrough will provide you with information on what to do, certain tips, and where to go.

Make sure you know the controls first.

If you would like to go to a certain section or chapter of the guide, such as the chapters, cash, or other sections, please use the Table of Contents.

Note: This walkthrough will be spoiler-free and is designed to not reveal any plot details.

Starting A Game[edit]

Conker's BFD introduction screen.

Before starting a new game, you may want to adjust the options. You can choose mono, stereo, or surround sound, or enter a cheat code. Cheat codes can be found later in the guide.

To start a new game, pick one of the files, of which there are three. Then choose new game.

An opening cutscene will play, afterwards you will gain control.