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Scenario Mode is only available in the Global (US) version of Kartrider. It gives you missions to do, with you as Dao. As of yet, there is only one chapter: A New Rider.

Chapter 1: A New Rider[edit]

The Beginning[edit]

Just race through Arc Enemies for 50 Lucci.

Prove your worth to Diz![edit]

Again, race through Arc Enemies. This time, though, you have a time limit, and the reward is 500 Lucci. Don't drift, just drive. You should finish in time easily.

A Duel Against Diz[edit]

Outrace Diz in Woodland for 200 Lucci. Again, you can easily finish this without drifting.

Practice! Practice![edit]

Complete the track (Penguin Cave) in 2:09. Your reward is an Arctic Rim License Plate for seven days.

Kart Outlaw Chunk![edit]

Beat Chunk in Oasis for 1000 Lucci. It's easiest (though boring) if you don't drift.

Mos's Task[edit]

Race through Woodland in 2:12 and you'll get 200 Lucci.

Delivering the Kart to the Bizarre Bazaar![edit]

The second of Mos's tasks is to deliver a kart to Maridia within 31 seconds for 500 Lucci. You'll have to maneuver around the obstacles - she won't want a beat up kart. You're allowed one collision - on the second, you have to try again. Don't rush, you'll hit everything, but don't go too slow, either, or time will run out.

Prove That You're Worthy!!![edit]

This is the first scenario level that doesn't involve racing against time or a computer. For this one, you'll have to race ten times in multiplayer. Your reward? A three-day corndog baton.

Mos's Hidden Talent![edit]

After finishing the three tasks, you must defeat Mos in a race. Just race through Penguin Town and get to the finish before him for 1000 Lucci.