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You are skydiving into enemy territory, and everything is peaceful... until your parachute is lost to some flying thing, you hit the water. Swim to the beach. Follow the path, and your nanosuit should come back online shortly. Soon, you will meet your first enemies. One is on a low cliff above and slightly to your right. Two are further up the beach. Switch to Cloak and equip your suppressor (silencer) and take them out one by one. Try to get in quick, accurate headshots, otherwise you will probably be dragged into a drawn-out firefight. Don't pick up the FY71s until they are all dead, because they have flashlights attached which might give away your position (you can toggle the flashlight and other attachments for the currently equipped weapon by accessing the customization menu with C). Continue along the beach, and you should shortly rendezvous with Jester. Just a bit later, you will receive a transmission from Aztec. After the transmissions end, Prophet will order you to get to Aztec. Switch to Maximum Speed and get to location as fast as possible. You will then trigger a cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, you will be tasked with getting to the landing zone. Make sure to pick up the SCAR ammo under the spot were Aztec's body was hanging before proceeding. Head forward, and Prophet will inform you of a KPA patrol. Switch to Cloak again, and take them out. (If it's only one enemy, just grab them and either melee (T) or throw them to conserve ammo. Pick up any ammo and proceed.

After a short walk, Prophet will tell you that communications to JSAC are down. You will be given a secondary objective, which is to disable a KPA GPS jamming device. Head left when you get this objective and toward the yellow objective marker. You will get to a ridge overlooking a small waterfront village. There are KPA walking around, so tag them. There are also boats moving around in the water. Try to stay out of their sight. You can either confront the guards in the village or snipe them from the ridge. When the area is clear, head to the jamming device (the trailer with the spinning dish on top), and disable it by either pressing the action key (F) when prompted, or by meleeing it. Make sure to scavenge for ammo in the buildings and from KPA bodies.