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North Korean People's Army[edit]

The North Korean People's Army (KPA) is led by Colonel General Kyong, known for being a brutal person. Their intent to hang onto the islands is clear, shown by the significant allocation of forces ranging from infantry to tanks and military aircraft. It is later revealed that they have nanosuit technology, which Nomad thinks "look like cheap knockoffs" in his opinion. Their Nanosuits are limited solely to Kyong himself and his elite personal guard. Kyong is encountered midway during the game as a boss character, complete with nano-suit. However, he is notoriously well known for being very easily defeated, with only constant physical attacks generally being sufficient.


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Operating out of their massive ship embedded in the rock, the aliens themselves have streamlined bodies with which they "swim" through the weightless internal environment. Their organic war machines comprise the bulk of their forces, ranging from small ones able to maneuver indoors to flying ships that can sink destroyers by ramming them head-on. The massive number of machines that deploy at the end of the game, along with filler text for multiplayer maps, indicate their interest in Earth is on a global scale.

In terms of offensive technology, most of their weapons are portrayed as being centered around coldness, shown in-game by the presence of weapons that either freeze targets outright or launch ice shards at high speed. These weapons do not require ammunition in-game, merely having a short "cool down" time after periods of prolonged firing. They do however have weapons outside of this type, such as the sci-fi "singularity" cannon, or more traditional implements such as blades and spikes directly built into their war machines.