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Zelem's Nexus[edit]

Home of Quantum genesis. Once a peaceful planet called Nakto, it was destroyed during a Crogenitor Zelem experiment. Zelem tried to keep his home world together by creating an artificial gravity-field, but even then the planet was nothing more than a series of floating isles that continuously collided. After their takeover the Darkspore were able to perfect the gravity ring. It currently serves as the main base for the Darkspore. The fearless Crogenitor Zelem resided on this planet before his death.

Locations on Zelem's Nexus:

Polaris Polaris, the Gravity Manipulator
The Destructor who awaits the player at the end of the Nexus is Polaris, the Gravity Manipulator, a black hole-generating mastermind who can manipulate gravity and space time to warp at will.


Home of Necro genesis. It has three moons and is constantly detached by the sunlight so it is also called the planet of eternal night. Nocturna was the second planet to fall victim to the Darkspore Siege after a barrage of Mutation Agents bombarded the planet. It is the home world of the Nocturni Legion, a fighting force led by the Nocturni Ethernals that have conquered many peoples and worlds. The main features of this planet are rivers of liquid plasma, gigantic crystalline formations, and large moving plants. Plasma storms are seen inside the mountains of the planet, and the plants and creatures native to Nocturna are usually bioluminescent. The cruel Crogenitor Ingto resides on this planet.

Locations on Nocturna:

Nashira Nashira, the Shadow Void
The Destructor who awaits the player at the end of Nocturna is Nashira, the Shadow Void, the insectoid queen whose fearsome power frightens even the other Darkspore on her planet.


Home of Bio genesis. Verdanth was once a bright and beautiful lush world full of rainforests of jungles, but after the Darkspore invaded, the civilizations quickly turned into nothing but ruins, and the wildlife became a dreadful danger because it was mutated by the power of E-DNA. The Verdanthi are both a spiritual and highly science advanced society, and once per generation a few of them are born with the ability to comprehend the animal language. The mysterious Crogenitor Astra resides on this planet.

Locations on Verdanth:

Orcus Orcus, Devourer of Life
The Destructor who awaits the player at the end of Verdanth is Orcus, Devourer of Life, the emperor of all mutated animals who can summon minions, which he can eat to regain health.


Home of Plasma genesis, Cryos is a planet currently in a state of extreme ice age that had destroyed almost all of the local species and its population. Trying to heat the planet, the Crogenitors placed in its center a "white hole", a nearly infinite source of heat. However this only worsened the situation as now the planet is ripped with rivers of molten plasma but is still frozen. Harboring a unique variety of geological features, Cryos contains ancient Crogenitor technology that the Darkspore hadn't managed to discover yet. The passionate Crogenitor Ptyron resided on this planet.

Locations on Cryos:

Merak Merak, the Devastator
The Destructor who awaits the player at the end of this planet is Merak, the Devastator, a towering golem made of lava that harnesses the power of plasmatic energy to destroy his enemies.


Home of Cyber genesis. Infinity is a heavily-polluted planet covered in poisoned oceans and factories. Many of the inhabitants have either fled or perished, and the ones who remain compete for the whatever resources still remain. Most of the surviving inhabitants are cyborgs, who do not require food or water, and were able to survive the shortages of supplies. With very little defenses, the Darkspore easily conquered this planet and enslaved all the remaining natives. The kindhearted Crogenitor Suzu resides on this planet.

Locations on Infinity:

Arcturus Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colossus
The Destructor who awaits the player at the end of this planet is Arcturus, the Cybernetic Colossus, a hulking robotic being who attacks with missiles and lasers.


Scaldron was once called Preceptum, the Crogenitors' home world. Life never evolved on Preceptum, so the Crogenitors made the planet suitable for all 5 genesis types. The Corruptor uses this planet as his hideout.

Locations on Scaldron:

The Corruptor The Corruptor