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Basic Operation[edit]

PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Action
L1 button LT button Aim Mode
L2 button LB button Run
R1 button RT button Melee Weapon Swing
R2 button RB button Melee curb-stomp
Neutral lstick Neutral lstick Movement
Neutral rstick Neutral rstick Aim
R3 button R button Deck Nav
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Choose Weapon / Navigate Inventory
Select button Back button Map
Start button Start button Pause
Triangle button Y button Rig Inventory
Square button X button Health
Circle button B button Back
Cross button A button Action / Shake Off

Additional Controls[edit]

PC PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Action
L1 button+R1 button LT button+RT button Fire
L1 button+R2 button LT button+RB button Alt Fire
L1 button+Cross button LT button+A button Reload Weapon
L1 button+Circle button LT button+B button Kinesis Module: Grab object
R1 button RT button Kinesis Module: Propel object away
L1 button+Square button LT button+X button Stasis Module
L1 button+Triangle button LT button+Y button Jump (in Zero-G only)