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Dead or Alive[edit]

Double Hammer
Low Spin Knuckle
Knuckle Arrow
Elbow Smash
Shoulder Tackle
Lariat +
Neck Cut Kick
Kenka Kick
Rolling Sobat +
Low Spin Kick +
Double Uppercut
Vertical Chop • Hammer
Jumping Hip Attack ++
Machine Gun Kick
Machine Gun Rush
Ultimate Combination
Combo Spin Knuckle
Knee Hammer
Combo Rolling Sobat
Double Low Kick
Death Valley Bomb +
Body Slam ++
Frankensteiner +
Fisherman's Buster
J • O • Cyclone +
Flying Major +
└►Surfboard Stretch +
 └►J • O • S +
Bass Bomb (crouched foe) +
J • O • B (crouched foe) ++
German Suplex (behind foe) +
Suplex Whip
(behind foe) ++
Dragon Screw (foe's mid K)
Hammer Throw
└►J • O • S +
Reverse Wing Lock
└►Rodeo Hold
└►Giant Swing
Knee Bomber (crouched foe)
Full Nelson (behind foe)
└►Dragon Suplex +
Special Moves
Rolling Forward +
Guts Pose or

Dead or Alive 2[edit]

Jab High Kick
Machine Gun Middle
Machine Gun Elbow Knee
Knuckle Arrow
Blazing Chop
Back Elbow Knee
Double Hammer
Low Spin Knuckle
Infinity Combo
Ultimate Combo
Spin Knuckle Combo
Low Drop Combo
Combo Drop Kick
Tina Special +
Vertical Hammer
Dolphin Upper
Rolling Elbow
Ankle Spin Kick
Double Middle Kick
Step Kick
Back Brain Kick
Drop Kick
Front Step Kick
Knee Hammer
Leg Cut
Double Ali Kick
Crash Knee
Dancing Doll Kick +
Shoulder Tackle
Short Range Lariat +
Elbow Suicide +
Rolling Sobat
Front Roll Kick +
Low Drop Kick +
Moonsault Press +
Front Roll Elbow +
Turn Sobat (back to foe) +
Moonsault Attack (back to foe) +
Death Valley Bomb +
Texas Driver ++
Burst Cyclone (near wall) +
Frankensteiner +
Through - J.O.S.
Burst J.O.S. (near wall) +
Sky Twister
J.O.S. ++
Fisherman's Buster +
J.O.Cyclone +
Double Break (behind foe)
German Suplex
(behind foe) +
Burst Suplex (near wall, behind foe)
(behind foe) +
Trance Four Leg Lock (crouching foe) ++
Tiger Drive (crouching foe)
Japanese Ocean Bomb (crouching foe)
Neck Crusher (behind crouching foe)
Locking Hammer (foe's high P)
Spring Leg Lock (foe's high K)
Arm Whip (foe's mid P)
4 Leg Lock (foe's mid K)
Pull-in Triangle Lock (foe's low P)
Leg Split (foe's low K)
Air Whip (foe's jump P)
Ground Attacks
Hip Drop +
Elbow Drop
Special Moves
"Come on!"
Appeal: Guts Pose ++
Front Roll +
Tag Team Attacks
Armstrong Buster
Dual Bomber (w/Bass) ++
Flying Cyclone (w/Zack)
Arm Whip ++

Dead or Alive 3[edit]

Dead or Alive 4[edit]

Dead or Alive: Dimensions[edit]

Dead or Alive 5[edit]