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From the main menu you can select from the following modes.

Experience the entirety of the epic DOA saga. Learn the ins and outs of battle as you go!
Fight for the best time against a series of AI-controlled opponents.
Challenge a non-stop stream of opponents and see how long you can last.
Tag Challenge
Team up with an AI-controlled partner and go to battle against powerful opponents.
Free Play
Choose a stage and battle against the computer using your favorite characters.
Practice your moves in a training battle against the computer.
Local Play
Engage in competitive play over local wireless.
Internet Play
Compete online over the Internet.
Take on fighters that you've encountered using StreetPass.
View figurines, create epic diorama scenes, and take 3D photos of them.
3D Photo Album
View all of the 3D photos you've taken in Showcase mode.
Fight Record
View assorted player records.
Adjust various game settings.