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The Witch Doctor lobs an object at the target, which explodes upon impact damaging and igniting everything around it. This attack leaves small fires upon the ground, but it is unknown as to whether or not these can harm enemies.


Calling upon a spirit (or casting an illusion), the Witch Doctor summons a frightening avatar above his head that terrifies all nearby enemies. Any enemy overcome by the effect immediately turns and flees away from the Witch Doctor. The effect is brief, but can give the Witch Doctor enough room and safety to cast spells or run away.

Locust Swarm[edit]

The Witch Doctor summons a swarm(s) of locusts to attack his foes. This attack seems to be short ranged, however it attacks multiple enemies at once (three are shown in the footage) and can jump to other enemies. It seems to be effective for attack and retreat strategies.

Mass Confusion[edit]

Evoking a spirit, the Witch Doctor causes enemies in a small radius to be confused. When in this state, they are prone to ignore the caster and instead attack one another.

Soul Harvest[edit]

The Witch Doctor drains energies from his enemies in a circle around him or her. This attack is shown to hit up to at least 5 enemies at a time, and absorb their souls (probably happens when killed with the attack, and may or may not fill the Witch Doctor with health or mana).