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Under options, there will be a magic codes section. In that section, many codes can be entered that allow occurrences in the game that do not usually happen. A few of those codes are listed below:

  • ARNOLD - Large players
  • BLABBERMOUTH - Changes horn sounds
  • BODYARMOR - All balloons are yellow
  • BOGUSBANANAS - Bananas reduce speed
  • BOMBSAWAY - All balloons are red
  • BYEBYEBALLOONS - Weapons are disabled
  • DODGYROMMER - Rom checksum
  • DOUBLEVISION - Two players can use the same character
  • EOLAOBFENRLONE - Free Balloon
  • FREEFORALL - Fully powered-up balloons
  • FREEFRUIT - Start with 10 bananas
  • JOINTVENTURE - Two-player Adventure
  • JUKEBOX - Adds Music Test to the "Audio Options" menu
  • NOYELLOWSTUFF - Bananas are disabled
  • OFFROAD - Four wheel drive
  • OPPOSITESATTRACT - All balloons are rainbow
  • ROCKETFUEL - All balloons are blue
  • TEENYWEENIES - Small players
  • TIMETOLOSE - Computer is better (Ultimate Artificial Intelligence)
  • TOXICOFFENDER - All balloons are green
  • VITAMINB - Unlimited bananas
  • WHODIDTHIS - View Credits
  • ZAPTHEZIPPERS - No zippers


Eight screenshots of the glitch. For more information, click the image

Few glitches have been found in Diddy Kong Racing, which is in contrast to other games from its time period. However, there is one prominent glitch which can actually launch the player up out of the game's boundaries. It can be done as follows:

  1. Go to "Magic Codes", and enter the codes "FREEFORALL" and "ROCKETFUEL".
  2. Go to the course "Greenwood Village".
  3. Before coming to the first zipper, use a rocket. Any combination of rockets and zippers may be used, as there are two balloons in the area.
  4. Aim for the well at an angle.
  5. The moment that kart hits the well, pushing the joystick very far to one direction.

If it worked, the player will hit the well hard enough to bounce off the its edge and into the air over the buildings. After going over the buildings, the player will fall into an infinite blue pit, and automatically be sent back to the beginning of the stage. (Note: The best player for this glitch is Tiptup.)