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Door Door
Box artwork for Door Door.
Japanese titleドアドア
Release date(s)
System(s)NEC PC-6001, NEC PC-8801, Fujitsu FM-7, Famicom, MSX, Mobile
TwitchDoor Door Channel
YouTube GamingDoor Door Channel

Door Door is a Japanese-developed computer puzzle game designed by Koichi Nakamura and published by Enix. As Enix's début title, Door Door first released in February 1983 for the NEC PC-8801 and was subsequently converted for other Japanese computers. The game's success prompted a Famicom port and an expanded edition in 1985 and a mobile phone release in 2004. In 2006, editors of the popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu placed the game among classics such as Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong in its listing of the best Famicom games. Despite its popularity, Door Door has never been released outside of Japan.


Door door gameplay.gif

Door Door is played through 50 levels with the goal of trapping aliens to score points. Each level consists of platforms and doors, with enemy aliens chasing you. The basic strategy is to open a door while an alien is following you so that it enters the room beyond, then close the door to trap your enemy. Doing so results in scoring points, and the amount of points increases with each alien you trap behind the same door. Once an alien has been trapped behind a door, it can no longer be opened.

You start the game with three lives, and you lose a life whenever an alien touches you, when you fall off a ledge or you touch a green spike. You gain lives by accumulating points. Besides trapping enemies, you can also gain points by picking up items. Every level has a place where the item is generated, but which item will be generated is randomly selected.

Game Element Interaction
Doordoor door.PNG
Can be opened from either side or both, depending on where the door handles are located.
Doordoor blueladder.PNG
Blue Ladders
You can climb up and down these, but enemies can't.
Doordoor bluepegs.PNG
Blue Pegs
These are sticking out of walls, and you and enemies can both climb them.
Doordoor fence.PNG
Only enemies can climb these.
Doordoor greenspike.PNG
Green Spikes
If you touch one you will die, but they do not hurt enemies.
White Walls You can go down these, but not back up.


Button Action
A button or B button Jump
A button Left dpad or B button Left dpad Jump Left
A button Right dpad or B button Right dpad Jump Right
Left dpad or Right dpad Move Left or Move Right
Up dpad or Down dpad Climb Up or Climb Down
Continue in the same direction you are facing
Start button Pause / Unpause



Door Door Chun.gif

As the player, you control Chun. Your goal is to trap every single enemy behind a door. Once you close a door behind an enemy, you can never open that door again. If a door possesses two doorknobs, then it can be opened from either direction. Otherwise Chun must approach the door from the side that possesses the doorknob in order for him to open it. Chun will lose a life if he ever collides with any of the enemies, or if he falls down a gap in the floor.


Door Door Namegon.gif

Also nicknamed Kyoro Kyoro, Namegon is a slug that takes which ever path is best in order to chase Chun. While he is the most dangerous because he takes the most direct path, he is also the easiest to trap behind doors.


Door Door Invekun.gif

Also nicknamed Biyo Biyo, Invekun is a jellyfish who is compelled to climb every set of stairs that he encounters. Even if going straight would get him closer to Chun, he will climb the stairs anyway.


Door Door Amechan.gif

Also nicknamed Gucha Gucha, Amechan is a jelly that will usually climb every set of stairs that he encounters unless Chun is on the opposite of a set of stairs that he is considering. In this way, Amechan acts very similar to Namegon.


Door Door Otapyon.gif

Also nicknamed Pyon Pyon, Otapyon is a tadpole that has the ability to jump whenever Chun jumps. Because of this, Otapyon can never be jumped over, and must be completely avoided.

Point Structure[edit]

Trap these… or get these… to earn this!
1 Enemy Candy 100 points
2 Enemies Popsicle 500 points
3 Enemies Lollipop 1,000 points
4 Enemies Ice Cream 3,000 points
5 Enemies Cake 5,000 points
6 Enemies Mahjong Tile 10,000 points


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Item Locations[edit]

Level Location Level Location Level Location
R-00 Center of the platform. R-17 R-34
R-01 To the right of where you start, on the same platform. R-18 R-35
R-02 Just to the left of center on the second platform from the top. R-19 R-36
R-03 In the middle of the second platform from the top. R-20 R-37
R-04 To the right of the wall with blue pegs on the platform second from the top. R-21 R-38
R-05 Between the left two blue ladders. R-22 R-39
R-06 On the left side of the bottom platform. R-23 R-40
R-07 In the middle of the top platform. R-24 R-41
R-08 On the top platform, right above the fence. R-25 R-42
R-09 R-26 R-43
R-10 R-27 R-44
R-11 R-28 R-45
R-12 R-29 R-46
R-13 R-30 R-47
R-14 R-31 R-48
R-15 R-32 R-49
R-16 R-33 R-50