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Level 30[edit]

Another floating platform maze, this time with a central tower. Unlike the last such level there is no switch for the exit door, so just run past all the guards to the exit. There's also a rocket turret, so stay on your feet and keep moving.

Level 31[edit]

Yet another robot guidance level, this time as a literal maze. With the maze being made out of very shallow trenches it should be easy to find the solution.

Level 32[edit]

It's the rat maze from level 21, but there's guards around and they moved the computer controlling the exit door. The computer is now on a level between the starting floor and the ground area.

Level 33[edit]

Like with level 7 you have to guide balls into bins using attractor spheres. While the bins have moving lids, just firing a couple extra balls will take care of the timing. Don't forget the bin above the entry door, it's colored, but the turret shots balls in all colors, just keep shooting until you get the right color.

Level 34[edit]

It's the bigger brother of the pipe contraption in level 17. The switches are a bit harder to find too. And some balls share pipes with another. Just work methodically with one color at a time and it shouldn't be too bad.

Level 35[edit]

Another round of robot seeking rocket turrets. Just do the usual circle strafe and keep the number of rockets in flight to a low number.

Level 36[edit]

It's another floating platform maze. This time with even more guards and rocket turrets. Still no exit switch door tho.

Level 37[edit]

It's yet another version of level 8. But this time some of the pillars are stuck up and others move in a group. Just remember that robots turn right when they bump into walls and this shouldn't be to hard.

Level 38[edit]

It's a 2d floating platform maze, this time with rocket turrets and switches for the rocket turrets. Use the camera spot if you need to get an overview of the level.

Level 39[edit]

It's an exact duplicate of level 25. Like last time, use rockets to destroy the constantly firing turrets.