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Skip the tutorial
If you are in a hurry and know basic first person controls, feel free to climb the stack of boxes in the corner of the jail cell and skip to the end of the tutorial.

The tutorial begins with you locked in a room as the villains introduce themselves. After the initial story segment is over, Dr. Brain will ask you to do some basic maneuvers such as walking around. He will unlock the door when you do the final one, which is jumping.

Once out of the cell run up to the switch panel on the other side of the bridge and use it to open the door into the gelevator. Step into it and swim down.

Leaving the gelevator just follow the path forward, taking care to avoid the rockets being shot by the turret and jumping over the obstacles.

As you move forward, you will pass by a robot. Remember that it always turns to the right when it hits a wall.

At the end, jump up the boxes and collect the helper hand, then exit thru the door.