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After the cutscenes end, you'll find yourself in control of Zoe Castillo. While in her room, familiarize yourself with the controls and explore a bit. Here, you'll find Zoe's Watilla, Wonkers. You can interact with him a bit, then you should look at Zoe's mobile and follow the instructions to read a message from the gym. Look in her closet, have her put her clothes on, then head downstairs. In the kitchen, talk with Zoe's father, Gabriel, and learn all you can about his job and Zoe's "soiree". Now go out the front door. Head down the street until you meet Olivia. Tell her either you're too busy, or you can go into her shop. Eventually, you need to continue on to the gym from her shop by continuing down the street until you come to the big fountain. Move forward down the street from Mocoa Loco until you come to the taxi caller. Keep going down the street until you come to a door. LOOK at it, and Zoe will say it's the gym entrance. Head inside, and another cutscene will take over. After, you'll learn combat. Repeat until you get the hang of it, then head back down the stairs until yet another cutscene plays out. Who IS that creepy little girl? Outside, you'll get a call from Zoe's ex-boyfriend, Reza, asking you to meet him in front of Mocoa Loco. Just go back the way you came until you find Reza.