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Diao Chan[edit]

Diao Chan is a cunning, beautiful woman who fights on the side of Lü Bu and Dong Zhuo. She fights with dual maces called "Diva", consisting of decorative globes on the ends of sticks, as well as with dainty kicks. She is a fast runner and a quick attacker, but deals very little damage compared to other characters. Her Musou Attack consists of a spinning kick followed by a great swing of her maces. Because of the maces lack of range and power, players often find themselves fighting one-on-one with common foot-soldiers, a somewhat compromising position as a fighter.

Dong Zhuo[edit]

Dong Zhuo is an imperial general who took advantage of the turmoil of the Yellow Turban Rebellion by deposing the Emperor and supporting a young heir. He is portrayed as obese and bad-tempered, and very concerned with his own safety. Dong Zhuo fights with a longsword, which is serrated in the later games called "Horror". He fights elegantly, much like a fencer, but takes advantage of his tremendous bulk in his Musou Attack, during which he flips sideways into the air and lands on the ground, causing a massive tremor.

Lu Bu[edit]

Lu Bu is generally considered to be the most powerful character in the Dynasty Warriors games with the exception of Zuo Ci, both as an AI and playable character. He is also the only character to have his own theme song. His high statistics make him dangerous for new players who play the early stages he appears in. He is an extremely aggressive and brutish warrior who fights for the sole purpose of finding an opponent worthy of challenge. Lu Bu fights with a halberd called "Sky Scorcher".

Meng Huo[edit]

Meng Huo is the king of the Nanman tribe and husband of Zhu Rong, and is highly protective of both his people and his wife. He seeks to defend them from threats and live in harmony. He is a very slow attacker and runner, but is, in game terms, the strongest character, with a higher strength than even Lu Bu. His weapon of choice is a massive pair of gauntlets called "King of Beasts," which resemble a grey (possibly iron) wolf heads with sharp blades for fangs. His powerful attacks can often crush enemies, and many of his attacks involving stomping the ground. A downside to this is his low defense and speed, as faster characters can often overwhelm and heavily damage him before he can successfully retaliate.

Yuan Shao[edit]

Yuan Shao is a nobleman and supporter of the Han Dynasty who raised a large, powerful army in response to the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Like Liu Bei, Cao Cao and Sun Jian, he wields a long sword, though with a snake's tongue appearance called "Sword of Kings". He is an arrogant, overconfident aristocrat who is hesitant to fight in the front lines of battle.

Zhang Jiao[edit]

Zhang Jiao is the leader of the Yellow Turbans, the army fighting for a religious sect known as the Way of Peace. Zhang Jiao fights using a staff called "Volcano Staff" and firetype magic. He fights erratically, reminiscent of a non-human primate, and gives off a sharp, high-pitched battle cry. He can be considered one of the worst characters in DW5, in terms of defense, attack, and power. His move set incorporates bashing opponents with his staff as well as his signature flame spewing moves. He is almost too weak, his move set being the biggest drawback in addition to below average stats. However, when facing him in battle via the enemy AI, he is usually quite strong, this is solely because his attack strength is multiplied to a ridiculous level. All this compiles to him being an infuriating character to fight with or against.

Zhu Rong[edit]

Zhu Rong is the wife of the Nanman King Meng Huo, and said to be the daughter of the God of Fire. She fights with a three-pointed boomerang called "Inferno", using a combination of slashing and throwing attacks. She is a slow mover and slow attacker, with average attack power and high defense.

Zuo Ci[edit]

Zuo Ci is an old, wise sorcerer with a magic, spiritual deck of cards called "Trump Deck" as his weapon. He is statistically the best character in the game with a highly unorthodox fighting style, using magic consisting of all three elements, fire, ice and lightning. His Musou Attack is the most impressive. He walks towards his enemies with his magic cards spinning around him demolishing everyone in his path. On normal difficulty, his Musou Attack spins his cards around him, then he jumps up and a ring of lightning appears around him, smashing most enemies. With True Musou Attacks (i.e. when connected to his bodyguard, musou rage, or when his health is in the red zone) he spins the cards, fires fire particles and ice particles that first burn and then freeze some opponents and then jumps up and a ring of lightning appears. Mostly he does not integrate fire into his attacks, but on rare occasion he does. (Such as his normal charge attack, where he shoots an ice orb, but can also shoot a fire orb on command).