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Niobe is the hard as nails Captain and pilot of the Logos, the smallest and fastest hovercraft in the Rebel Fleet. Niobe is a superb hand to hand combatant. Her skills as a hovercraft pilot in the Real World, and her driving skills in the Matrix itself, are second to none.

Niobe always takes the wheel during the game's driving levels. Her driving skills are second to none, but you'll have to push her right to the limit to survive.

When Playing Niobe, keep in mind that Ghost will be riding shotgun- make sure he's in a good position to make his shots. Think of your role not only as the driver/navigator, but also as the means to deliver Ghost to the enemies.

Niobe is the captain of the Logos, and the best damn pilot in the fleet. She'll always take the fleet's fastest, most agile hovercraft.

You'll pilot the ship through ancient steam, sewer and electrical tunnels, with hazards at every turn. Ghost will provide covering fire, so it's your job to get the Logos through the tunnels as fast as possible and in one piece- easier said than done.


Ghost is the first mate of the Logos, and a true spiritual martial arts warrior. To him, weapons are nothing less than works of art, and they are deadliest when in Ghost's calm, practiced hands. In battle, Ghost's body and mind become perfectly focused, working in flowing unison.

Niobe is the best driver, and Ghost is the best marksman with every weapon imaginable. It's Ghost's job to provide covering fire so Niobe can drive you both to safety.

Enemies can come at you from any angle. Think of your role as clearing a path for Niobe while protecting her from enemies.

Ghost takes the Logos' gunner position, operating cannons located on both bow and stern. Niobe will aggressively lead the way through the tunnels, but the real danger is "Squiddy", the relentless war machines bent solely on your destruction. Niobe can handle flying- you just need to keep the Setinels from catching the Logos.


Sparks is the third crewman of the Logos, serving as Niobe's and Ghost's operator during their missions into the Matrix. Sparks is a wild, brillant, hyperkinetic voice on the other end of the cell phone. You'll be in constant touch with Sparks as he relays key information and strategic advice.


Agents are incredibly hard to kill, and most of the time can only be killed by a grenade. They have incredibly good aim and they can kill you very easily. The best thing to do when you are about to get into combat with one of these murderous souls, run and don't fight.