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The Following is a partial list of the avaliable weapons in the game. You'll discover more weapons and special ammunition types as you progress- keep your eyes open!

All Guns List[edit]

.380 Security Pistol[edit]

Small Clip size and under-powered ammunition, but a common choice for security officers and police.

92FS Automatic Pistol[edit]

Standard automatic pistol used by police and military agencies. Large clip size and high velocity ammo. Great when wielded in pairs.

p229 S Automatic Pistol[edit]

Excellent all-around performance. Ghost's primary handgun.

9000 S Automatic Pistol[edit]

Smaller frame size, but packs the same punch. Niobe's primary handgun.

.50AE Automatic Pistol[edit]

The most powerful handgun in the game, often carried by agents.

MP5 Submachine Gun[edit]

The gold standard for weapons of this type. Commonly carried by SWAT officers, the MP5 can be fitted with a flashlight or infared scope.


The U.S military's standard battle rifle for more than 30 years.

M240 Machine Gun[edit]

Heavy Duty machine gun, in standard use by U.S Army and Marine Corps. Often mounted on vehicles and aircraft.


Tremendous short range stopping power more than makes up for its slow reload time. Can be fitted with a flashlight.

M95 .50 Advanced Sniper Rifle[edit]

The sniper's best friend. Deals massive damage, even at extreme ranges.

Flash-Bang Grenade[edit]

Blinds and disorients with a loud bang and brilliant flash. Used by SWAT teams during forced entries.

Offensive Grenade[edit]

Lethal fragmentation grenade, perfect for clearing enemies from behind cover.

40mm Grenade Launcher[edit]

Fires high-explosive grenades that detonate on impact.