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Controls In-Game Menu
Neutral control Move character Select Option
A button Attack with the currently-equipped weapon, or punch if one is not equipped. Confirm
B button Context-sensitive action button (i.e. open doors, climb ladders, etc.) Cancel
X button Creep/sneak
Y button Quickcast assigned spell
Neutral dpad Quickcast assigned spell; four different spells can be assigned to correspond with Up dpad, Down dpad, Left dpad and Right dpad
L button Hold to make the character sprint; duration depends on the character's stamina Cycle through menu screens
R button Target function; can be used in conjunction with Neutral control to target specific body parts and/or direction of melee attack Cycle through menu screens
Z button Reload equipped weapon; must be held down to fully reload revolvers and shotguns (only works with projectile weapons and if there is spare ammunition)