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These are the pods that you can collect in Faceball 2000 (SNES).

Power-Ups[edit | edit source]

Power-Ups are permanent stat boosts that make your Smiley more efficient. When you collect one, the bars at the left side of your HUD will increases They come in round pods.

  • Armor gives your Smiley one extra hit point, increasing the Armor bar. It also fully heals your Smiley, even if your Armor stat is full.
  • Speed Up makes your Smiley move and turn faster, increasing the Speed bar.
  • Weapon allows your Smiley to have one more shot in the air at a time, increasing the Shots bar. If you shoot past the maximum number of shots, the second shot will vanish.

Special-Ups[edit | edit source]

Special-Ups are powers that will either reward you or give you a temporary effect. The temporary effects will light up at the right side of your HUD and blink if they are about to end. They come in diamond pods.

  • Shield grants you immunity to enemy bullets for a limited time.
  • Freeze causes all Smiloids to temporarily freeze in place, unable to attack you.
  • Camo makes you invisible for a little while, causing Simloids to ignore you.
  • Sensor adds an upgrade to the map by revealing all enemy locations. If you lose a life, the sensor is gone. This is only available in Cyberzone.
  • Coin gives you 500 points.
  • Life gives you an extra life.

Cyberscape Items[edit | edit source]

These items are only found in the Cyberscape mode. They come in round, red pods.

  • Clue provides a hint once picked up. The last clue can be read again in the pause menu.
  • Key opens secret doors automatically once they're picked up.
  • Bandaid gives your Smiley partial health back.
  • Map reveals the complete map of the current level.