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Flash Flash Revolution
Box artwork for Flash Flash Revolution.
Developer(s)Synthetic Light Studios
Publisher(s)Synthetic Light Studios
Latest version.803
Release date(s)
System(s)Adobe Flash
ModesSingle player, Multiplayer
Followed byFlash Flash Revolution R2
WebsiteUnoffical site
TwitchFlash Flash Revolution Channel

Flash Flash Revolution (a.k.a. FFR) is an Adobe Flash-based Dance Dance Revolution simulator that originated in October of 2002. The game took a new spin on the mechanic from the popular series, where players use their fingers rather than their feet. Flash Flash Revolution is a rhythm game with an immense library of over 730 public songs, and hundreds of other unlockables. One of the most unique features of this rhythm game is its multiplayer component, as it was probably one of, if not the, first to implement it.

Currently the game is at version .803, although not so much a beta as a non-perfect clone of DDR emulators like StepMania, with many features still in the works. The site has approximately 1.717 million members and is constantly growing.

The main goal of the game is to hit the arrows that appear on the screen in correspondence to the song you are playing, and to hit them as accurately as possible. The game has been developed for several years and now has several clone variations, FFR R2 and SpinItUp!, also developed by Synthetic Light Studios.

In late November of 2009 the site was experiencing many issues and crashed randomly for hours, and sometimes days, at a time. Finally, the inevitable happened on December 21, 2009, 3PM EST, and the main site went down for what seemed to be permanently. Although the site went down, it was activated and left with the single message "Patience - check back soon.", which hinted at the eventual restoration of the main site.

Although it is unfortunate the site went down, after piecing things back together again, Flash Flash Revolution had an unexpected reboot October 9th of 2010, and as of now most of the sites features are completely restored.

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