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The following items are required in order to complete certain objectives. Most have no power, and all leave Thor's inventory when they are used.


Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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  • Child's Doll You’ve found a child’s doll. Put it under your shirt…and P-L-E-A-S-E don’t let anyone see you carrying it!
  • The Child's Doll, which is also referred to as Miss Muffy, is found in a house on the east side of Spegville. The doll must be given to the hermit on the west side of the village in order to trigger the opening of Relg's TV repair. Miss Muffy and the old man appear later in the game, but Miss Muffy cannot be picked up. If Thor tries to use the item, Odin will say "WILL YOU PUT THAT AWAY! What would Hercules think if he saw you playing with that?"
  • Shrub You’ve found a Shrub. And does it ever smell BAD!
  • Found in the middle of a cave, the poisonous shrub must be given to a rock troll in order for Thor to pass through a narrow trail. Although the troll will let Thor go by, the other rock trolls will still attack the thunder god. If he tries to use the shrub, Thor will die from the poison.
  • Shovel You have found a Shovel. . .with your face.
  • The Shovel, which is found in the dark back room of an abandoned house, is the only Quest Item that can be used for non-quest purposes. With the shovel, Thor can dig up ground anywhere he pleases. Ground dug up will create a golden apple, magic, jewels, or nothing. Dug tiles remain dug for the duration of the game. The shovel opens up the entrance to Surtur's lair and is used to dig up the Hypno-stone. When Thor finds the Hypno-stone, he drops the shovel.
  • Hypno-Stone You found the hypno-stone. With it, you can control weaker minds. You’d better drop the shovel, you won’t be needing it any more.
  • Mr. Blakter, the deceased magician lost the hypno-stone. Through the help of Surtur, Thor digs it up and uses it to get out of Milgrund. The guard at the gate takes the hypno-stone, however.
  • Ilidia's Bracelet You Found a Bracelet. It was probably taken from a prisoner.
  • Ilidia's Bracelet is found in the guard shack of Lokisburg. After visiting the prison for the first time, Ilidia tells him to retrieve it for her. When he does, she tells him the password to get into the Rebellion's headquarters.
  • Electric Saw This just might be your lucky day! I think I have one of those left . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ah, yes, here it is, But I don’t know where you’re going to plug it in.
  • The Electric saw, when powered by Odin's "Omnipotent Odin-ness" is able to cut open a loose sewer grate in the prison. Without the aid of Odin, the saw does nothing. It is also the only tool still in stock in Woody's Tool Chest.
  • Mystic Mushroom You found A Mystic Mushroom. It could probably be used to cast magic spells . . . But not by you.
  • The Mystic Mushroom is found in the sewers beneath the Lokisburg sewers. Thor uses it to trade for the skeleton key. As Odin says when Thor first finds it, the Thunder God is unable to use it. When he uses the item, the following happens: "You chant the ancient spell you heard as a child. Fleegad...Hepturk...Seepwon...Zraxik...Hike! Nothin’."
  • Skeleton Key You found a Skeleton Key. This opens the last door to the Hall of Loki!
  • The Skeleton Key is in Martha's Magic Mall in Lokisburg. Martha will trade it to Thor in exchange for the Mystic Mushroom. The key is used to get past the last lock of Loki's Castle.