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Stick it in Your Cap!
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Stick it in Your Cap!
Collect all the Phoenix Feathers

Phoenix Feathers are collectables found in chests throughout the game required to increase the magic bar. The magic bar increases with every six collected, making up a total of eighteen for a fully-maxed magic bar. While only eighteen Phoenix Feathers are required, there are much more chances to collect Phoenix Feathers after the first eighteen. The following list includes only the first eighteen.

  1. Gates of Athens: Get off of the ship and pull the lever to raise the platform. Right by this lever, you should see a hole in the wall. Jump through it, swim to the ledge north of you and go through the hall for the first Phoenix Feather.
  2. Gates of Athens: When you reach the arrow-shooting mechanism, turn it twice so it faces the left. Pull the lever to send an arrow through the wall, breaking it and revealing the chest behind it.
  3. Road to Athens: In the fourth house on the left.
  4. Road to Athens: In the ninth house on the left.
  5. Athens Town Square: After the death of the woman with the key, head over to the save point to the right, and jump down to the balcony below.
  6. Rooftops of Athens: On the roof that you have to battle the Cyclops and wraiths on, find the chest with the red orbs in it. Go right from this to the break in the wall, then head forward to the edge of the roof. Go right here to find two hidden chests, one of which contains a Phoenix Feather.
  7. Rooftops of Athens: After obtaining Zeus' Fury and killing the undead archers, go into the newly-opened room. Break a wall here for a chest.
  8. Rooftops of Athens: Eventually, you'll reach the passage leading forward with two chests on either side of it. One of these contains the eighth Phoenix Feather.
  9. Temple of the Oracle: Right after the Rooftops chapter (following the scene in which the Oracle is kidnapped), cross over the broken bridge where you fought the Cyclops and, to the right and below the save point, you should see a ledge with the chests. Get to them by dropping down onto the ledge with the save point so Kratos is hanging from it, then make your way to the chests.
  10. Temple of the Oracle: To the left of the temple entrance.
  11. Temple of the Oracle: After rescuing the Oracle, head back onto the path you were just timed on and make your way to the beams. Here you'll find a ledge and a chest.
  12. Temple of the Oracle: After leaving the area where you rescued the Oracle, instead of moving forward to the sewers, take the winding path to the Statue of Athena. Jump to the right of her for a chest.
  13. Temple of the Oracle: Behind the staircase which leads into the sewers.
  14. Pandora's Temple: To the right of the cliff's edge.
  15. Challenge of Atlas: Find the bridge leading to the Handle of Atlas. At the middle of the bridge, jump to the ledge ahead, then go right for the fifteenth Phoenix Feather.
  16. Challenge of Atlas: To the left of the ledge toward the Statue of Atlas.
  17. Challenge of Poseidon: In the room where you find the Trident, dive into the water to the left and climb up the ladder to a chest containing the seventeenth Phoenix Feather.
  18. Challenge of Poseidon: Find a Nyad underwater to the right of the carving of Poseidon, beyond the breakable wall. Kiss her with Circle button for the eighteenth and final Phoenix Feather.