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Box artwork for Golf.
System(s)NES, Arcade, PC-88, Family Computer Disk System, Game Boy, e-Reader, 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch
SeriesMario Golf
Release date(s)
NES icon.png NES
Arcade icon.png Arcade
NEC PC-8801 icon.png NEC PC-8801
Family Computer Disk System icon.png Family Computer Disk System
Game Boy icon.png Game Boy
Flag of the United States.svg March, 1990
E-Reader icon.png e-Reader
Nintendo 3DS icon.png Nintendo 3DS
Wii U icon.png Wii U
Nintendo Switch icon.png Nintendo Switch
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
TwitchGolf (NES) Channel
For the golf genre, see Golf.

Golf was the fourteenth game that Nintendo released for the Famicom. It was the number one selling Famicom game released during 1983 and 1984, selling approximately 2,460,000 copies in its lifetime. It was the first golf game for the NES. It was released in arcades as Vs. Stroke & Match Golf as part of Nintendo's Vs. arcade system. The arcade game was released as two different versions, a "Men" version and a "Ladies" version. Golf was re-released for the Famicom Disk System, and later as a set of e-Reader cards for the Game Boy Advance.


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