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Golf US Course
Box artwork for Golf US Course.
Japanese title ゴルフ US コース
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Release date(s)
Genre(s) Golf
System(s) Family Computer Disk System
Players 1-2
Preceded by Golf Japan Course
Followed by Mario Open Golf
Series Mario Golf
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Golf US Course was the sequel to Golf Japan Course for the Family Computer Disk System, part of a series of golf games that were the forerunners to the Mario Golf series. Despite not containing Mario's name in the title, it prominently features Mario in both the game and on the cover artwork. The second player is represented by Luigi. Mario is given a slight change of costume for this game, and a new "3-D" view is debuted. This game was developed by Nintendo and published on a blue disk (as opposed to the traditional yellow) on June 14, 1987. The game featured a "disk fax" feature which allowed players to send their rankings to Nintendo, and a prize was awarded to the best players.

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