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Good Feel
Good Feel's company logo.

Good Feel Inc. is a Japanese video game developer founded by former Konami employee Etsunobu Ebisu. Good Feel began in Hyogo, Japan in 2005 and soon opened a production facility in Tokyo. Their main focus was initially education games for the Nintendo DS, which have solely been released in Japan. The games, the first of which was released in 2007, consist of primers for very small children (kindergarten and below) and English language training for kids and adults.

In 2008 the company transitioned into mainstream development by winning the contract for Wario Land: Shake (ワリオランド シェイク Wario Rando Sheiku?) from large publisher Nintendo. This marks Good Feel's first entry into the home console market. Later, in 2010, they released Kirby's Epic Yarn, the most critically acclaimed entry in the Kirby series.

Games developed[edit | edit source]

Year Game Publisher System
2007 Training Words Educational Network Nintendo DS
2008 Training Quiz Benesse Corporation Nintendo DS
2008 Sense Training: Shape Space Benesse Corporation Nintendo DS
2008 Wario Land: Shake It! Nintendo Wii
2009 English Training Educational Network Nintendo DS
2009 Training Words Educational Network Nintendo DS
2010 Looksley's Line Up
JP title: Rittai Kakushi E Attakoreda
UK title: Tales in a Box: Hidden shapes in perspective!
German title: Geschichtenbuch: Verborgene Formen in Perspektive!
Nintendo Nintendo DSi
2010 Kirby's Epic Yarn Nintendo Wii
2011 Wii Play: Motion (2 mini-games) Nintendo Wii
2013 StreetPass Squad Nintendo Nintendo 3DS
2013 Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (giant battles) Nintendo Nintendo 3DS
2015 StreetPass Zombies Nintendo Nintendo 3DS
2015 Yoshi's Woolly World Nintendo Wii U
2016 Streetpass Slot Racing Nintendo Nintendo 3DS
2016 Streetpass Trader Nintendo Nintendo 3DS
2017 Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World Nintendo Nintendo 3DS
2019 Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Nintendo Nintendo 3DS
2019 Yoshi's Crafted World Nintendo Nintendo Switch
2019 Monkey Barrels Good-Feel Nintendo Switch
2021 Unnamed Samurai Action Game N/A Nintendo Switch

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