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There are 100 stages in the game and they can be played with any character. Not all are required to complete the game. In the stage select screen, flashing stages advance the story. All stages can be replayed to earn gold and items.

Before starting a stage, you select a character and have a couple options.

Transition to stage select
Equip a weapon
Assign action and auto skills
Change the color of the character between red, blue, pink, and green
Equip a ring
Return to character select

Once set, you can't change while in the stage.

If Princess Lola loses all HP, then she will shriek sending everything off the screen and resulting in a game over. You can either try the stage again or return to the menu. Any items or gold acquired is lost.

Secret Code[edit]

The bottom screen of the Nintendo 3DS has an instruction manual. You can flip pages with Stylus button or L button / R button. If you keep flipping the pages, the manual will show wear and tear when there is a screen transition. After a couple times, the memo page will have a secret code written on it.

Up dpad Left dpad Down dpad Right dpad Down dpad Up dpad Right dpad Left dpad

If you enter the code correctly at the title screen or the character select screen a sound effect will play. You will start a stage at level 10. The effect persists until you enter the code again or return to the title screen.