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Sponsors will give you a payout and a bonus at the 6 month and one year mark every year. This payout is equal to the sponsor amount plus a bonus that is proportionate to the ad effect you generated over the past 6 months. The early sponsors can easily be maxed out in 6 months resulting in the bonus being higher than the sponsor amount.

Once you max out an ad effect for a sponsor, you will get a gold star, reward and an introduction to a new sponsor. As soon as this occurs, drop the sponsor and add the new one. Sponsors only give out one reward and introduction so there's no reason to keep them on after you get them.

Ad effects carry over year to year, so if you don't max out a sponsor in one year, you'll likely get them the next year.

Here is a list of sponsors and their rewards:

Sponsor Ad Effect Payout Reward
Bridgerock 80 80.0K Knobby Trs plans
Dry Springs 105 150.0K 400.0K
Mocha Cola 130 199.0K Hyper Oil plans
Carbucks 155 365.0K 700.0K
Curry Coop 180 297.0K 40 Research Points
Froggerade 205 330.0K Drag Race training method
Spongecorp 230 355.0K 32 Bit plans
Race Trax 255 375.0K Emblem Plans
Cheapy P's 280 387.0K Car Camera Plans
Dairy Duke 305 414.0K Pwr Slide training method
Dull Comp 330 426.0K Rocket Sci training method
Milky Milk 355 452.0K Gold Egg plans
Bob's Drugs 380 465.0K Watch vids training method
AD&D 405 515.0K Aerobics training method
Chimp Labs 430 320.0K Supercharger plans
Pear Inc. 455 400.0K 4WD plans
River Bank 480 550.0K Shop Class training method
Honza Cars 505 400.0K Carbon Brakes plans
Nights Inn 530 450.0K Gear Shift training method
Autoburg 555 542.0K Duck Car plans
Microsloth 580 675.0K Drift training method
Ackbar Oil 605 925.0K 2,400K
Kairo Group 630 1175.0K SL Car plans