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The final goal of the game is to be able to beat the Kairo race before March of the 14th year comes, this is a very challenging single race, so even with the best car upgraded at its maximum and a well trained driver, you probably won't make it if you don't know about everything on the game.

First of all, is to gain access to this race, for this, you will need to beat all 3 Grand Prix and after that, a very difficult race in a monkey world. Let's see the steps for the 3 GP.


Formula Smile Grand Prix[edit]

Prize Money: 500.0K

Before you beat the first Grand Prix, you can only have 1 driver and 2 mechanics, it's not very challenging so you will be able to beat it while getting familiar with the game. My only advise will be to BEAT IT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, this doesn't mean to enter the GP as soon as you gain entry (if you don't win, you will have to wait quite a long time before being able to enter again). When you beat it, you will advance to Formula Asia, another driver and 4 mechanics per driver, this makes 10 workers (2 drivers, 8 mechanics) when you only had 3 before (1 driver, 2 mechs). This translates in over 3 times the amount of data you collect and team development and some more money on every race you do.

It is quite easy to beat this level with the Buggy with some upgrades. Upgrade the Roadster to 20% as soon as you can and get your Teams tech to 100 then build the buggy and you'll be in good shape. To know if you are able to win the GP, try all the levels you unlock by placing first on previous ones and place always first with some seconds of margin. Speed and acceleration are of most importance here.

Race Condition Laps Purse Need Single Race Win Time GP Win Time Audience
Bloomtown on-road 1 80.0K balanced 0:40.50 0:34.00 ~34,700
Zen Garden on-road 1 120.0K spd, acc 0:32.50 0:29.50 ~53,000
Dusty Plains on-road 1 140.0K spd, acc 0:44.00 0:40.00 ~41,600
Snowville on-road 1 180.0K hndl, acc 0:33.50 0:32.50 ~51,400
Sandbeach on-road 1 200.0K spd, hndl 0:37.00 0:36.00 ~58,200

Asia Grand Prix[edit]

Prize money: 1000.0K

Here you will spend a lot of time researching for new parts, vehicles and upgrading your mechanics, it's not hard at all and you are no longer in a hurry since you have 10 employees and when you go to the next stage you will only be able to have 14 (2 more mechanics for each driver)

While beating levels here, you will unlock the Brazil stage, this stage is really long and requires 2 laps, so it's great to gather research data inside the race, but you car will need a lot of durability, which was almost useless until now.

Getting a B class level car is recommended to beat this GP, very few upgrades with this car would be enough, or you can use a well improved C class.

Race Condition Laps Purse Need Single Race Win Time GP Win Time Audience Win Reward
Japan on-road 1 240.0K hndl 0:45.00 0:41.50 ~123,200 Wing Car plans
Hungary on-road 1 280.0K spd, acc 0:50.00 0:47.00 ~113,600 80 Research Points
Egypt off-road 1 260.0K spd, acc 0:30.00 0:29.00 ~83,200 Stdlss Trs
Malaysia on-road 1 ? spd, acc ? 0:33.00 ? ?
Turkey on-road 1 ? balanced ? 0:44.00 ? ?
China on-road 1 ? hndl, spd ? 0:58.50 ? ?
Brazil on-road 2 300.0K acc, hndl 1:24.50 ? ~113,800 90 Research Points

Formula No. One[edit]

Prize money: 2,000.0K

You got your fully upgraded team, once you get here you don't need to rush, the catch is that every time you beat the GP, both your drivers will be granted a golden aura. A golden aura is incredibly important in the game and this is the most certain of the few ways you have to get one.

To be able to finish it you can have: B car with very good upgrades (see auras), Super Car or Mach Car fully but bad upgraded.

I tried this with 2 Super Cars, upgraded 100%, with a v12 engine, also 100%. 530+ speed, 420+ Acc, 300+ handling, and 200+ driving skills. I was third twice, 5th once, won one of them, did not finish the 5th race and had to forfeit the 6th due to damage. The time it took to change tires before the off-road, then back for an on-road prevented me from repairing. then change again to icy roads, neither car made it through the race. for the 6th race, back to road tires, neither one could start the race. Cars do blow up if they receive too much damage, and you no longer have them when you get back to the garage. A much better tactic would be to have 4 cars, 2 set up for on-road, one for ice and one for off road.

Update: adding the supercharger and slicks made this GP easy, even with a 550 speed car.

Race Condition Laps Purse Need Single Race Win Time GP Win Time SR Audience SR Win Reward
Australia on-road 1 220.0K spd ? 0:32.50 ? ?
Italy on-road 2 240.0K spd, acc ? 0:58.00 ? ?
Mexico off-road 1 260.0K balanced ? 0:33.50 ? ?
Spain on-road 1 280.0K hndl ? 0:32.50 ? ?
Alaska icy road 2 300.0K hndl ? ? ? ?
Monaco on-road 2 320.0K hndl ? 2:16.50 ? ?
Germany on-road 1 340.0K ? 0:32.50 ? ~91,200 140 Research Points
Russia icy road 2 360.0K spd 0:49.00 ? ~69,600 150 Research Points
UK on-road 1 380.0K hndl, spd 0:38.00 ? ~140,400 180 Research Points
USA on-road 2 400.0K ? 1:09.00 ? ~157,200 200 Research Points

Chimp Island and Kairoland race appear everytime you beat Formula No. One, but they also appear once a year after you have beaten Formula 1 once.

Chimp Island[edit]

This is just a single race, but you will need either a very good upgraded A or S level car or an aura+a fully bad upgraded S car to beat it.

Update: was nervous about this race, so I waited for an aura (grey). Won it easily, and in fact, my second best car, without an aura, came in 2nd by a full second.

Race Condition Laps Purse Need Single Race Win Time SR Audience SR Win Reward
Chimp Island on-road 1 2,000.0K spd 0:42.50 ~3,800 Banana Car plans

Kairoland Race[edit]

The most difficult race, for this, you will need a very well upgraded S or A car with an aura, as it's very difficult to beat it without the aura.

Warning: this race uses up about 240 durability. Make sure your car has over 300 or you'll slow down near the end.

Update: using grey auras and 650+ speed Mach Cars with 100% slicks and 100% supercharger, won the race by 2 seconds. Update2: I was using Super Car, 295 Dur, 547 Spd, 423 Acc, 417 Hndl, 60% Supercharger. I was 1st by 1,5 seconds.

Race Condition Laps Purse Need Single Race Win Time SR Audience SR Win Reward
Kairoland on-road 1 2,000.0K spd Hndl 1:10.70.50 ~600 Kairo Kar plans


  • Tech attribute does influence while creating a car, installing parts and repairing. For upgrading Tech does not affect the outcome, just the time needed for it.
  • Analysis score has a compounding effect. Why? If you earn more RP in each race you can upgrade mechanic levels faster and get an even higher Analysis while also getting the Tech and Appeal boosts. This means that early game mechanics should be picked for their Analysis rating first.
  • After reaching a gold star with your sponsor, wait to receive the gift from them, drop them then move onto the next sponsor. The sponsor update happens two times a year which you will receive funds, research points and researchable parts.
  • Getting money is very easy, even early in game, always place priorities on research data. Money problems only happen if you train and build new cars too often.
  • Very early in game, you might run out of money building your car and hiring, worry not, the secretary will give you 300k extra when you are below 100k for the first time.
  • Make sure you keep around 100k in the bank for contract payments. Losing a driver if you can't make a contract payment is a massive time penalty, because training + experience takes time as well as cash to develop.
  • Although drivers are mostly similar, mechanics are not. Keep searching for mechanics with better base stats; after level-ups they can be several times as effective as the bad mechanics.
  • Auras are the most precious resource. In the early game you can use auras to boost driver skills past the regular training limits; later you will want to conserve them for upgrading cars and parts.
  • Having a low team Tech total can result on building cars with far below their specs, if you try to build a Mech car with 150-200 Tech points, the result can be worse than an Aero Car, B-class, so aim for the best of your capacities to compete.
  • If you are trying to maximize training, have your drivers train to zero energy, then enter the Bloomtown race. They will be instantly recovered after any race(even if you retire).
  • If you are completely unready to race, you can enter and then immediately retire to get the bonuses for finishing last place with no car damage. There is no reason not to constantly enter races.
  • Study the tech tree to make sure you're progressing towards the top-level cars and parts. You will never use some of them, but you have to spend time upgrading most of them to unlock the ones you want. There are two main paths for car upgrades: Buggy->Proto->Supercar vs. Dragster->Wing Car + Cigar Car->Drill Car + Aero Car->Mach Car. The Supercar path is much shorter and has well-rounded cars with better off-road/ice and durability scores, but the Mach Car path will yield higher drive scores. Both are capable of winning the Kairo race if upgraded with auras.
  • Decide at each tier whether a part or car is going to be "invested in" with experience and aura upgrades. Choosing not to boost all ratings equally helps add some flexibility to your strategy, letting you blaze through the tiers you don't plan to use.
  • After the first Formula series, it becomes more important to create specialized cars for each type of race. The biggest bonuses come from matching road type as those bonuses affect all car stats. Then specialize around speed/accel, cornering, or durability. You can always win Formulas without winning every race - instead of relying on your top car for the off-road and ice races, you can often get by just using your older tier with more upgrades and customization and aiming for a 5th or 6th place finish. This saves money and keeps you from spreading R+D too thin trying to make a perfect car for every race.

How to win on time[edit]

It's really hard to make it on your first try, not impossible but really really hard. The second time is way easier because you get to keep 1 car model and 1 part with all of their upgrades, this actually calls for strategy, since if you want to beat the last race you might need a really good upgraded Super Car or Mach Car, that can be fully upgraded with just golden auras if you keep upgrading them and getting them back with upgrades to the next game.

What you have to think about is that you can carry over your Mech Car poorly upgraded, so you couldn't properly upgrade it on your next game, and thus not beat the game either.

What you really need:

  • Mech Car upgraded with pink auras for durability, and a mix of golden, pink and grey auras for the other 3 (the fewest pink, the better) or and even better upgraded Super Car (A-Class)
  • Build your winning car with the best aura possible
  • Install Slick Tires and V12 Engine, both upgraded with as many auras as possible, if you needed 2 attempts for the game, you can carry one of these to the next game, so be sure to have at least one of them upgraded with only auras to carry over. For the other two, you can use Aero-body and Carbon Breaks, but many combinations that use Carbon breaks or Supercharger are fine too.
  • If possible, use lower auras to install all of these parts
  • About 450 Tech points on the team that builds the car
  • High driving skills (not really need auras to get enough)
  • Golden Aura to improve your stats when the race is yet in the classification step.
  • Place the Settings on the "Normal Speed" for the last race if you have a fast iPhone, or the game will be too difficult to control.