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Weapons are gotten via the many crates spread across the city. You will have a random amount of ammo. All weapons have a max of 99 ammo.

Weapon name Description
Fist You will get this weapon at the start. This weapon is the only weapon that does not have weapon icon. The reason why, is that you can't kill people with your fists. You can only use to punch some down. After a short while they will be back on there feet. This weapon has naturally infinite ammo.
Pistol This the standard weapon in the game. You find them in crates near hospitals and police offices. It doesn't fire quick. Because of that you must aim well to deal damage.
Machine Gun This one fires much quicker than the pistol. Because of that is fare easier to kill a threat as you just spam the bullets around. It can also destroy vehicles pretty fast.
Flamethrower This weapon is very lethal, but has a short range. You can destroy multiple enemy's in one sweep.
Rocket launcher This is the most powerful weapon in the game. You can destroy vehicles in one shot. But be careful not to not hit something to close to you, or you will die.