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Keeper of the Peace
40 Gamerscore points
Keeper of the Peace
Find and complete the 'Keep the Peace' side mission.

Every sheriff in the west could use an extra hand. Help out the local deputies by stopping trouble before it starts and flushing out the bad guys in each town.


First mission, kill the highway men run to the opposite side of town away from the bridge take out your rifle and shoot the three highwaymen off there horses from a distance. Next stop the poker brawl sneak around to the right hand side and throw in a whiskey bomb then pick anybody still standing with your rifle. Next head to the barman X marks the spot on the map. Then head up town rifle at the ready and pick them off. Mission complete.


Save the whore in the Alhambra rush in there quick draw and take them out post haste. Then save the hostage by the water tower now you can do a few things drive in with a shotgun and take out the two henchmen then quick draw a head shot avoiding the hostage or quick-draw then all or you could use the rifle and take them all out with head shots. Then stop the hold up yes you guessed it rifle the first man and then drive in with your quick-draw being careful not to kill the hostage.


Kill the campfire gang zoom in with you rifle and take them out from a distance they only have pistols so no damage of them hitting you. Then go down to the docks and pick up the TNT you need to deliver this to a building in the main street watch out for bad guys and put down the TNT and take them out with you rifle be careful not to be hit while holding the TNT or you'll be blown apart. Then head east rifle at the ready and take out the riders before they can get to you I had a problem with the towns folk getting caught in the cross fire and they started shooting at me so be careful of that too.


Go meet the wealthy citizen by the bridge. Now go ahead of her and quick-draw the first three hiding behind the barrels do back to check on her then go ahead and quick-draw the one's hiding in the building take out you rifle and take out any the pop up. When she get near the end of town a few will pop up behind from boxes rifle them. Now go ahead of her and quick-draw those in the building and that's the first segment complete. Head over to the Alhambra and onto the second floor by the bar. Best thing to do is take out you rifle or sharpshooter and while your going you the stairs take them out. There are only two of them so it shouldn't be hard. How head out on to the terrace of the second floor and with any weapon able to zoom take out the guys fighting the streets one might be able to get to where you are so watch out for that. And another mission complete.


First go find the powder kegs (TNT, Dynamite, whatever) Go for the one at the end of town farthest away from the bridge first. Now pick it up and put it down again so you can take out the enemies that have suddenly appeared. Now take it to the drop off point inside some building. Now head around to the other powder keg. Pick it up and drop it again so you can take out the enemies that have again suddenly appeared now take it to the drop off point, first part is done. Right now right at the end of town right buy the invisible wall there is a family being held hostage take out your sharpshooter and take them out before they know what hit them, now you have to go up to the family for the mission to be over, they obviously had there eye's closed or something. Now go all the way back into town with your sharpshooter and take out the guys on the tower your going to run out of sharpshooter ammo I guess so which to rifle and get in closer and take out any still standing, remember there are also a few on the lower ledge and not only at the top of the tower.


"Decent" folks have been kidnapped, go find the one closest to the bridge, draw-draw and knock the bad guys hat off while leaving the hostage shakin'. Next go to the one in the building on the same side of the street now this is a rouse and there both in on it so kill them both, no mercy. Next head inside the Alhambra quick draw and shot him in the head, first section complete. Now meet the snitch down at the docks. You have to take him to his cart by the bridge off course people don't get anywhere without havin' a shot up in Dodge, take out your rifle or snipe and take out those on the hilly side. Protect the snitch as you go through town quick-draw if mighty handy in situations like this. How this is it the big showdown with the boss. Get to the Alhambra, either you take the left stair way and fight your way through droves of the red hand gang or you can take the right stairway and come through the window right on the bosses. It may shock you but those prutty ladies in there are the bosses to kill them. Now that's the end of Pat Denton missions.