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With outlaws running around, it's tough to catch 'em all, especially when they take innocent people hostage. Stop the criminals from running roughshod and rescue the victims by defending towns, taking out the bandits and keeping people safe. These missions are triggered by talking to the Federal Marshal in Empire; strangely, this is the only side mission strand that doesn't give an achievement for completion.

Mission #1 - The Miller Gang[edit]

The easiest Rescue mission without a doubt, you have to ambush and kill the Miller gang. All you have to do is throw the barrels of TNT down into the intersection and use them to kill the gang members - if you get them all in the intersection, one well-placed shot could kill them all. You simply have to be sure none escape, because that will cause you to fail the mission; you can pick some of them off before they hit the intersection if you're a good shot with the rifle or if you have a sharpshooter, but once they hit it, blast the barrels and Quickdraw the survivors.

Get to the ambush area and get on top of the roof throw the dynamite down in the street your best bet it to throw at least on at the corner of the street as when the ride in they all gather at that corner, do it quickly as it isn't much time before they show up. When the do turn up, you'll hear them wait for the first one to ride past then quick-draw and shot the TNT it shouldn't kill them all.

Mission #2 - The Smallpox Vaccine[edit]

This one's not so easy if you do it the wrong way; namely, this is climbing up to the rooftops first then trying to kill the renegades. Doing it the other way around is much simpler; you can pick off most of them with just the rifle by leaning from behind the buildings. The gatling gun is dangerous, however, and is probably this mission's main sticking point - there's no easy way to do that unless you have a sharpshooter.

Get over to where the ambush area was in the previous mission. Get out your rifle and take out those you can see and most importantly the one at the very stop because he has a gatling gun which will do a lot of damage if you leave it until you get up there. Find the ladder to the roofs to the north-west side and get your way up to where the gatling gun is to find the vaccine

Mission #3 - The Hostages[edit]

If you even consider using your shotgun during this mission, quit your game and break the disc; using it inside the mine equals a very big explosion from the TNT. Use the same tactic here as you did to save Jenny at the Alhambra, I prefer to activate Quickdraw and plug the hostage-takers once in the head for simplicity but using the rifles works just as well. Even the bow's fine, as long as it's just the Apache bow - both others would set off the explosives. While you're there, mine the gold that's in the back of the shaft as well.

First get a horse and go out to the plains in front of the ranch then head towards the hilly area and that's where the mine is. Go in with you rifle zoomed and take out the first two lurking near the entrance be careful of the TNT (that's dynamite) then carry on with to the left still with your rifle zoomed and BOOM headshot the two guys hold the first people hostage. Also be careful not to shoot the hostages. Next go up the passage where two more people are being held you should be able to see the first one and take him out with the rifle but the other one you need to go around the boxes use quick- draw and take him out without shooting the TNT or Hostage.

Mission #4 - The Hijacked Coach[edit]

Be ready with this mission. Once you locate the coach and talk to the driver, it turns out the "driver" is one of the bandits who took out the stage coach and they ambush you. Quickdraw the first ones to attack, and do what you will with the next wave (a number of riders who come from Dodge-way. After this, you have to blow up the blockage with a barrel of TNT, which is completely non-taxing as you're not under attack. If you notice the gold across the gap from the barrels, it's best to get it now by jumping the gap with your horse.

Get a horse and head over to Dodge but before you hit the bridge hang a left and you'll find them shortly. Talk to the driver, wait that isn't the driver quick-draw and kill him to avoid hurting the lady then kill the other two that have now flanked the stage nest kill the people going up the hill using a rifle and then the people coming down the hill be carefully as a few of them are on horse back. Now talk the real driver, clear the boulders but your meant to be going the other way. On well run pass the boulder and up the hill to find the TNT throw it down and shoot it if it's near enough to destroy the boulder.

Mission #5 -[edit]

Get a horse and head on out to the plains they are under attack by the Renegades. Take them our using whatever secondary weapon you feel best to use but I feel shotgun is the way to go here, if too many settlers die mission failed. Eventually the wave's of horsemen will stop.

Mission #6 -[edit]

Go find Wachowski over by the Livery Stables, if you don't know where that is coming from where you started go across the stone bridge and hand a left and he'll be hiding around there somewhere. Next take him to jail, that's the place where you where locked up with port but go in the front door. However he'll get chicken so grab in and drag him into the cell, don't kill him. Be warned as a group of guys are walking about now that want to kill him once you've grabbed him quick draw to take them out. Now there should be three waves of enemies best tactic say in the jail house and with a rifle and quick- draw take them out from there.

Mission #7 -[edit]

Get a horse and head on over to Dodge as that's where they are. They've been attacked by wolves and as luck would have it they've come back just as you've arrived. Kill the wolves using your stamp attack with the horse and quick-draw as many as you can. Once you've killed the wolves set alight the hay bails using whiskey bombs. That's the last Federal Marshal mission, rather an anti- climax don't you think.