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This game is unplayable. While game features will be described on this page, actual gameplay assistance will not be supplied. This game is covered here for historical reference.

Harvest Moon Online
Box artwork for Harvest Moon Online.
Japanese titleみんなで牧場物語
Developer(s)Marvelous Interactive
Publisher(s)Marvelous Interactive
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Strategy, RPG
SeriesHarvest Moon
TwitchHarvest Moon Online Channel
YouTube GamingHarvest Moon Online Channel

Harvest Moon Online (みんなで牧場物語 Minna De Bokujou Monogatari?, lit. Harvest Moon With Everyone) was a Japanese-exclusive MMOG developed and published by Marvelous Interactive, instead of Natsume. Its official name is Minna De Bokujou Monogatari, which can be translated into English as "Let's All Harvest Moon". It was a free to play browser-based game and is the only online version of the Harvest Moon series to date. The game was past the beta stage. Although, like many other free to play games, players had the option to spend real money for extra items and abilities. This system in the game is called SP.

The game was closed on October 1st, 2012.