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For the purpose of this walkthrough, the Characters are divided into ACN and Criminal sections, but as the plot unfolds you might find that the lines between "good" and "bad" aren't as clearly-defined as you'd expect...


The Anti-Crime Network (ACN) is the nation's leading law enforcement agency, with an 83% market share of all crime fighting activity. While it plays a major role in the day-to-day maintenance of law and order, the ACN is primarily targeted against organized crime. This has led its elite force of officers to assume many of the responsibilities of the former FBI and BATF agencies. This force is supplemented by private Headhunters contracted exclusively to track and capture wanted felons. LEILA is responsible for regulating the activities of these Headhunters and providing them with training and equipment. It also provides access to its intelligence database. A private organization appointed by the government, the ACN is headed by a Director accountable to the President. Operational Chiefs with jurisdiction over Field Officers, Headhunters, Intelligence and other areas report to the Director.

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)

Jack Wade[edit]

Jack Wade.

Career cop turned professional Headhunter, he's the best of the best. Tough, resourceful and independent by nature, Jack is a man of few words with a dry line of wit. Waking from a coma with no memory, few friends and a revoked license, he is hired by heiress Angela Stern to find her father's killer. If he lives long enough, he may uncover the truth of what happened to himself along the way…

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)

Angela Stern[edit]

Smart and resourceful, with an MIT education and plenty of attitude, Angela is more than capable of fighting from her corner with a keyboard, a fist or a gun. Only daughter of murdered ACN chief Christopher Stern, she burns with hatred for the man responsible, the criminal Syndicate's mysterious boss. Hiring Jack to find him, she forms a partnership that leads them both into danger…

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)

Chief Hawke[edit]

Strict but strictly honorable, Jack's former chief at the ACN is a by-the-book guy who dislikes Jack's methods but admires his abilities as a Headhunter. Shrewd and experienced, he believes in the system but privately questions the methods of his political masters. Though reluctant to step out of line, he may just be the nearest thing Jack has to a friend…

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)

Alan Sharpe[edit]

Adopted protogé of Angela's murdered father and his successor as head of the ACN, Sharpe was raised alongside Angela as a kid. A brief romantic fling left Angela disillusioned, but Sharpe still harbors feelings for her. Smooth, slick and highly ambitious, his hard-line views and ruthless methods threaten to raise the stakes in the ACN's war against organized crime…

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)

Dr. Zweiberg[edit]

Dr. Ernst Zweiberg is the chief scientist at the BioTech corporation, and the architect and driving force behind the Criminal Control System (CCS) implant biochips. Biotech also created the technology used in the ENP (Electro-Neural Projectile) weaponry used by the ACN's Headhunters.

Hank Redwood[edit]

Roughneck, redneck ex-Vice cop turned Headhunter, Hank is good at his job... but not quite good enough. Frustrated by years of playing second best to Jack Wade, he is hostile when Jack reappears as a lowly freelance, cast out from the ACN. Determined to stay number one Headhunter, Hank may not be smart, but he has enough wily cunning to be a dangerous rival and a thorn in Jack's side…

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)


Don Fulci[edit]

A recluse whose bloated figure is only ever seen on pirate TV broadcasts, Fulci's identity remains a mystery. Thought to be behind the criminal Syndicate and the murder of Angela's father, he promotes himself as a respectable businessman opposed to the growing power of the ACN. For Angela and Jack, he may be the one man with the key to the truth…

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)


An old-school criminal, Greywolf is the leader of the vicious Wolfpack biker gang that terrorized the city before the ACN crackdown. Once a proudly independent thief, murderer and extortionist, he now finds himself taking orders from the Syndicate, freelance crime a thing of the past. He may not like it, but he remains a formidable adversary whose brutal reputation is well deserved.

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)


Also known as the "Cyber Cowboy", Ramirez has an unhealthy passion for high-tech weaponry and instruments of torture. A serial kidnapper and psychotic mass murderer, his dubious talents and enthusiasm for his work attracted the attention of the Syndicate, who now employ him whenever total and unquestioning ruthlessness is required. They pay him well, but Ramirez is in it for the fun…

(Taken from the Headhunter manual)