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Pressing Start will bring up a brief run-down of your objectives: you've got to accumulate 250 Skill Points before LEILA will let you in to get your license.

You get skill points for driving your bike at high speed (anything in 4th gear or above seems to work), and lose points if you crash into something. You can just race back and forth along the stretch of road outside Angela's house, which will take a while, but is an easy way to get your points up. Alternatively, you can take a right from the garage, go through the tunnel and into the checkpoint to get into the city proper.

As soon as you're out of the checkpoint on the other side, there's a massive straightaway ahead of you, which then curves slowly round to the right. If you stick closely to the line between the right-hand lanes, you should be able to get your speed up pretty high along that stretch and boost your points up a significant amount.

Once you've hit 250 points, you'll get a notification that you can now head to LEILA. Once you get the message that your points are locked, crashing won't affect them until you've left LEILA. You can take this opportunity to explore the city if you feel like it, as there are some interesting shortcuts to be found that may prove useful later.


Inside LEILA, Jack meets Hank Redwood. He puts up with Redwood's swagger for a moment, before a quick spot of ownage has Hank leaving the office in a hurry. The clerk behind the desk has Jack fill in some forms, then directs him to the VR terminal over to the left of the entrance.

Mission C.1[edit]

You've got to race your bike through all four checkpoints in the allotted time. You can hit the first one easily without much steering, so build up speed on the initial straightaway. Take the corner slightly wide - hitting the wall will cost you - and accelerate up the sloped corner through the second checkpoint. There's a third on the diagonal path to the right that's a straightforward target, and you can cut across the grass area on the left to hit the final one.

Hank's Record: 57s

Mission C.2[edit]

Equipped with just decoy shells, you've got to make it to the exit without being detected. The guards turn yellow when you use decoy shells, but if they switch to red, it's mission failed.

Hank's Record: ??s

Mission C.3[edit]

You're given the standard Headhunter starting equipment, and have to take out four enemies on the other side. They're red while attacking, and turn grey once you've shot them enough. The Stimulator Automatic is plenty to take them out, but watch for when you need to reload and make use of the cover provided when you do. Be sure to head into the exit checkpoint to end the session though - you could miss out on a record if you're not there in time.

Hank's Record: ??s

Mission C.4[edit]

In the first room, there are two approaches you can take: stealth or action. The door is unlocked unless the guards see you, and if they do you'll have to kill them before it'll unlock again. To sneak past, hold B to crouch and move under the first window - the guard won't see you. When the second one turns his back, stand up and run past his doorway, then crouch and sneak past the third guard. Open the door, and you'll find yourself in a room at the top of some stairs. From here, shooting is the best way to go - make use of the pillars for cover, and once you've taken out all four of the enemies, the exit will appear at one end of the room.

Hank's Record: ??s