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Waking suddenly to find himself strapped to a medical operating table surrounded by technicians in what look like biohazard suits, Jack Wade's first reaction is simple: escape. Disarming the technicians, Jack makes it out of the operating theatre armed only with a Stimulator Automatic and his headhunter instincts - he has no memory.

Escape From The Lab[edit]

This is a pretty straightforward level - essentially just a winding corridor. Technicians jump out of three or four alcoves as you progress towards the exit, and there's gas being pumped in that will also knock your health down gradually. You don't have to take out the techs, but they can do some damage as you're escaping, so it's wise to get at least a couple of them. At the end of the corridor is a door; hit the action button to open it and with any luck Jack's made it out alive.


Running down a narrow alleyway, Jack collapses and passes out in a pile of trash.

An undefined period of time later, Jack wakes up in another hospital room - but this one's much more inviting. Turning on the TV, Jack sees a report about the murder of Christopher Stern, head of the ACN, who was gunned down in his office, and about his succession by Alan Sharpe. The piece also brings up Headhunter Hank Redwood, described as being the best. At that point the broadcast is interrupted by Chief Hawke, who insists that Redwood is second best. Wade was the best Headhunter in the business, and kept that position for a long, long time.

Jack's memory loss means he can't place Hawke, but he's still intimately familiar with the details of the Stimulator Automatic he was found with in that alleyway. Before leaving to get back to work, the chief suggests Wade head to LEILA to get his license back after it was inexplicably revoked.

Later again, Jack is approached by Angela Stern - the daughter of the ACN's murdered president, Christopher Stern. She wants Jack to find the person responsible for her father's death. Wade was the last person to see her father alive, although he doesn't remember the meeting. Jack's skeptical about taking the case, but Angela leaves her card and asks Jack to come round when he's out of the hospital.

Stern Mansion[edit]

At the Stern Mansion, you've got to look around a little before the game will let you progress. There are five items you need to look at:

  1. The photo of Angela, Alan Sharpe and Christopher Stern beside the double doors into the hall
  2. Zweiberg's report on the bar
  3. The ACN Handbook
  4. Something on the round table
  5. The Harvard certificate above the fireplace.

Once that's done, Angela will give you her keycard to the garage elevator. Before you go down though, there's some adrenaline in the gym area opposite the elevator doors.

Once you're in the garage, Angela will lend you her bike and you're off to LEILA to get your C license.